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Friday, June 12, 2009

Wonder question: CASE farm equipment

These things have been sitting in the field for years. Husband decided he'd haul them out of the weeds and into the driveway so I could take pictures of them for listing on craigslist.

He hasn't done that.
They continue to live in the driveway for . . . oh, goin' on two weeks now.

One of them is a "three-bottom plow," and the other is . . . something else . . . some kind of cultivator?

I'm trying to figure out how to make good flower boxes out of them.


threecollie said...

As you already know the one thing is a set of plows. The other thing is a set of discs. Used to break the ground up smooth after plowing, so it is ready to be planted. My husband says they probably date to the forties. Hope this helps.

June said...

They certainly LOOK like they've been hangin' around for seventy years!