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Friday, April 23, 2010

Thank you all

I have insufficient time to craft anything like a "post." Today is Friday, which means that within twenty-four hours I should be working on one, prior to going back to bed at 5:30am. The wee hours of weekend mornings are my usual times to float into my interior and put words to whatever I find there.

I had planned to respond to each comment on the last post. Now it's too late for anybody to find my responses, so this is it. Each of you who wished me well: thank you warmly and most sincerely. To those of you who have had similar experiences and felt that I expressed what you, too, had felt: Humbly, thank you.  To the ones who offered praise for the writing, ahh, thank you. 

A friend wrote me recently:  "I've been thinking about how they say cats take pain well. What, exactly, can a cat do but take it? And what can we do, but take it?" I think that's funny, philosophical, and perfectly true. 
The bonus is that, as #1Nana said about her storyteller friend, I got a story out of this experience, and apparently one that touched some people . . . because of their own experiences or those of friends.  I expect more "stories" will emerge as I explore this new landscape. At the very least, I hope that during my recovery I'll be blogging my little heart out. 

And the good news on the employment situation is that 4/20 has come and gone and I am still employed full-time.
Power That Be stopped by my desk in the afternoon of the meeting that he had predicted would either plunge me into unemployment or trim my hours to a "no benefits" status, and told me there would be no discussion about my employment at the meeting. "There's just too much else on the agenda.  But no promises about next month." 
"Okay," I said.

"I thought you'd want to know. . .  I know I would . . . I know you have been worried."
"Well," I said, "I have been, and I haven't."
So I need not worry about having health insurance coverage for another month.

The world grows more beautiful by the minute.


Recycled Cottage & Garden said...

Love those silver linings.

Bibi said...

"At the very least, I hope that during my recovery I'll be blogging my little heart out."

You're not the only one, dear June ! I think we are all going to learn valuable lessons from you, and, OH, what a cheering section you will have !

Carolynn Anctil said...

After Celine had her dental surgery and we found out that she'd probably been suffering for years with intense pain, The Pirate commented on what a 'trooper' she'd been all those years. I asked him what choice she'd had?

I read the last few lines about your job & continued medical coverage and I thought, "Hmmm...she's being looked after."


C-ingspots said...

Oh dear, sweet June...I follow your writing far more often than I comment. However, I just have to say how very much I admire your beautiful gift at putting into words so eloquently, how you (and many of us) feel and look at life. You remain in my prayers and in my heart. Be well, and know that you are blessed and loved.

Friko said...

Whenever I think 'this blogging business is really rather silly' (and I do occasionally) something comes up to show me that it is today's way of making friends, of finding people who are interested in and care about what happens to us.

So, do let us know how you get on and what the oncologists want with you and how you are coping.

It really isn't as bad as we think at the start of the whole business (says she ten years later when she's already forgotten most of it); it is possible to get through in one piece, with only minor adjustments.

Best wishes.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Good luck with whatever the next step is . Meanwhile , your grace under fire is exemplary .