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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today's the day!

Max and I are managing with the Tramadol, and we're on the lookout for empty gelatin capsules to hide it in and thereby ease the pain of the twice-daily horror.  He eyes me whenever I come near him, but he still loves me, God help him.
MiMau has Clavamox twice a day, and has been (for the second time in as many months) wormed . . . a huntress of her skill does have to suffer the consequence. She dove into her food last night for the first time in nine or ten days, and it did me good to see it.
Husband is planning a field trip around town after
(a) seeing me into the inner sanctum, or
(b) handing me over to the caring medical team, or
(c) abandoning me to my fate.
Check-in time is 9AM and I'm so looking forward to it! Almost like being at a spa, the way the nurse shepherds me into the changing room and takes away my uncomfortable restrictive clothing and supplies me with that crisp blue paper gown with the nice airy rear and the tissue paper shower cap. That getup always makes me feel so attractive and girly. 

Angus is prancing around feeling quite superior to all of us, and wondering how Dad will do with all these medications while Mom is down for the count.


morningbrayfarm said...

I'm sure it did you a world of good to see your babies are feeling better. Totally thinking of you and wishing you the best today. Hurry back. xxoo

#1Nana said...

You are in my thoughts today.

...that was sarcasm about the spa, right?

Be well.

Carolynn Anctil said...

I'll be thinking of you.

Rock that blue gown and make a speedy recovery, my friend.


(Best wishes to Husband and the crew back home)


rachel said...

Warmest wishes to you for a problem-free procedure and a rapid recovery. We'll be cheering you on across the blogosphere.....

Barb said...

I'm thinking of you! Sending a smile and hug your way...

VioletSky said...

does the gown bring out the blue in your eyes?

right, the worst part should be over by now. hope the worst part is over.

Thinking of you.

Wanda..... said...

Will be sending warm thoughts and good wishes your way, June.

Kate said...

May all be well with you and your family.
You can find unfilled gelatin capsules at most health food or whole food stores and online at places like this one:

Susan said...

Hope all went well Girly-girl. Instead of saying get well soon, I want to remind you to take your time getting well. Take care and relax while you can.