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Friday, April 8, 2011

5pm on a fifty-three degree Thursday

On the drive home I saw a raccoon sitting by the side of the road, just looking around. A jogger approached, and I wondered who would give way. Not fifteen feet from the animal, the jogger crossed to the other side of the road. The raccoon continued to sit, oblivious. Something's amiss, I think, with that animal.

MiMau spent the day outdoors yesterday, to good results: a Humpty Dumpty of a vole in full presentation mode on the front walk. She threw herself down on her side and knrred, pleased to accept my congratulatory salutations.  She's so much happier when she gets to be out and kill small four-legged furry things.
A couple of nights ago I had a dream that we were outdoors and she was bringing me one vole after another. Not far from the wide awake truth.
The girl's good at what she does.

The animals and I took a long after-work walk along the perimeter of the house field. I wore my jacket, zipped up to my chin, and was glad for it, but the sun was warm on my face, and my knees and ankles didn't creak with cold at every step.
The three-year-old lilac bushes, a long hedgerow of them, are spangled with fat buds at every branch tip. The big lilacs near the house are getting ready too, but aren't so impressively covered as the little ones. 
The forsythia looks just the way it did a week ago. 
Ragged old-soldier-looking tips of something (lilies? Siberian iris?) are pushing up here and there, but no sign yet of the hosta border. 
I am no longer impatient now that the sun is warm on my face and I see green here and there.
I'll take all of it as it comes to me, with gratitude. 


Grandmother Mary said...

Gratitude is a great attitude and called forth in Spring so easily. 72 degrees here today, new green and flowers everywhere. I'm grateful, too.

Hilary said...

Sounds lovely out your way. That raccoon sounds a bit worrisome too.. hopefully she was safe and just out hunting up some food for her young.

threecollie said...

Lilac buds! Ahhhh!!!!

Rusty said...

Probably momma raccoon with some very young kits nearby.She might have been in the process of moving them to new quarters, or was just taking a few minutes away from her brood to get something to eat. Some raccoons act more inquisitive than scared when near people. ATB!

June said...

I am so glad you stopped by with your raccoon wisdom, Rusty. I don't see him/her squished on the road, so I'm going with your educated opinion. Poor thing looked like a tired out mama, sittin' there on her butt on the shoulder of the road...

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi June, Taking a brisk walk with the sun on your face is special... Glad you are getting some spring up there now. We have quite a bit of spring down here.

Your kitty seems to enjoy catching the voles... Strange that a raccoon was out in the daytime..

Have a wonderful weekend.

Pearl said...

What a beautiful cat.

And lilac buds? Oh, I cannot wait...

Greetings from Minneapolis,


VM Sehy Photography said...

Enjoy the warmth and send some our way;) My cat is very similar. He hunts mice, though. He's definitely been in a fiesty mood lately. Wants to get out and do some hunting.

June said...

VM, MiMau hunts everything. Voles are plentiful here, but the odd mouse, or chipmunk, enjoys no sanctuary in her territory.
For the last several weeks, MiMau's been yowling around the house at night, wishing for it to be hunting season. Now that it is, she is content.

Pauline said...

spangled is such a delicious word! thanks for the little hike in your sunny, greening world :)

The Cranky Crone, she lives alone! said...

Hi June, spring has sprun most beautifully here, glad you are reaping the benefits now where you are!
I see what you mean about the stripey legs, but lets face it not much else in common, your cat is absolutely stunning.
Daisy has been known to get a full groewn rabbit through the cat flap, I dont like it.......I spend a good amount of time trying to rescue all sorts of animals, feeling their little hearts racing away in my hand, then telling the cats not to look where I put the rescued animal, stupid really...I think they see it as extended play.
Thanks for your kind message.

Lord Wellbourne said...

It's so nice to have a face to go with MiMau's name. She's a beauty! There are green things pushing their tendrils skyward here, too. Still plenty of snow to impede a long walk but I am content to watch my landscape rouse from slumber ever so steadily.