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Saturday, June 2, 2012


I've been waiting for something exciting to happen to me so I could share it with you.
Such is my life that not much that's novel or thrilling crosses my daily path, so I'm back with nothing special about which to write. 
Proper grammar's a little awkward sometimes, isn't it?

About an hour ago I woke up with Max rooting around looking for the top edge of the blanket and sheet so he could creep underneath and get toasty on this cool and damp night. The moment I awoke, I knew a trip to The Small Room was imminently necessary. Out of bed, I passed the window that overlooks the roof of the screen porch and saw a black object on the roof. It looked like a hunkered-down crow; that was the size and, as far as I could tell, the shape. Too big to be a bat, no long tail-like appendages that a . . . rat . . . or opossum . . . would have. Thank the Lord. When I go back upstairs, I'll take the flashlight with me. That ought to guarantee that the thing will be gone.
It's probably a missing shingle or something. That wouldn't be surprising after last week's weather. 
Until I know, I am feeling a little Poe's Raven-ish.

photo source: The Raven & Black Cat
I'll let you know what I see.


georgia little pea said...

Oh no! This is a cliffhanger post.

esbboston said...

So, you've been gone too long, long enough that several of us have begun thinking, "Say, shouldn't I start worrying about her?", and then you give us fifty eight percent of a story, and we are aLL just going, "Hey! Where is my other 42?", then I look up at the clock after the wifey asks me just now what time it is, and I teLL her 4:14 (AM), and now I wonder if this unnamed dark matter animal-plant-mineral on top of your roof is going to keep me awake. I wiLL let you know if it did ....

threecollie said...

Um, I can't wait now........lol

DJan said...

I guess this means we will hear about it sometime in the future. Whenever you post something, I'm glad because it means you're still out there somewhere. Now I'll chew my nails until you come back! :-)

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Well June I reckon a lot of us think that at times - waiting for 'something' significant to post about!! It's just VERY nice to hear from you.