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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Peace and joy reigneth

Life goes on apace here in the Season Of Happiness. The temperatures have risen to comfort level, day and night, and there is Light. There are a dog and a cat, both beautiful and living excellent dog and cat lives. There is a Husband and . . . there's me. We're all happy and comfortable.

Friday night Nephew and Wife and Darling Great Niece (DGN) came to visit. We had burgers and potato salad. I labored over the latter for many hours the night before, worried that there wouldn't be enough potatoes, enough celery and onion, enough hard-cooked eggs. And the outcome was bland unto blahness: a result of my having forgotten to put in mustard, I believe. It may have been that I do not add salt to anything anymore, having tired of puffy eyes, feet and hands. Everyone ate it, but no one asked for some to take home. A major clue. 
If you see the Russian army traveling by, please direct them to my house for a plate of potato salad. I have plenty left over.

DGN has grown since her birth two and a half months ago. To be expected, and certainly A Good Thing. But the cheeks! She could store a winter's worth of nuts in those chipmunk cheeks! Cobalt blue eyes, perfect lips, a calm and docile demeanor. A perfect child, despite having had her first vaccinations that day. Molly was interested in the small one, and very very gentle. She knows how to act around tiny helpless creatures, having had several rounds of her own in her former life. 

Here she is last January being a Mama Umbrella with her last (EVER!) brood.

Saturday was given over to the usual chores: laundry, groceries, housekeeping in general. We enjoyed potato salad with our lunch and with our supper. Watched "Running With Scissors" last night, and while the movie conveyed some of the flavor of the story, I think the book was better. I always think the book is better than movies made from the books. I do highly recommend Augusten Burroughs' books, with the caveat that one's mind must be open to finding humor in tragic situations. But then, if one could not do that, one could hardly live, could one? Or maybe that's just my life.

Last night at dusk, four wild turkeys came out of the woods above the house. But no. It wasn't four turkeys. It was three turkeys. The fourth being was Peep, stalking them. She stalked them right back into the woods. Her hunting skills haven't improved appreciably; earlier I had seen her waiting in the plum tree for one of the many perching blackbirds to fall into her paws. She does, however, continue to practice, bless her little heart.

Today, the temperature will be a humid ninety-some degrees Fahrenheit. I plan to slurp ice water and read. I have showered and am leaving my hair to drip dry. The result will not be attractive, but I'll be comfortable. 
I am old: comfort is sufficient.


esbboston said...

One of my main chefs in life is now overly salting almost everything. You reminded me that I am hungry! It has been too many days since gumbo ...

Barb said...

No salt use here either but plenty of herbs and pepper - plus mustard. You sound content. Enjoy your day reading and watching the escapades of the animals.

Linda Myers said...

Contentment is not to be sneezed at. I could use some in my not-so-busy times.

DJan said...

What a fine spirit permeates this post. It's wonderful to have all these fine creatures happy together, and to have them shared with me, so I can appreciate it too. :-)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

It all sounds highly satisfactory . Even the potato salad . I like mine rib-sticking ... the perfect foil to green salad's crunch .
Baby's cheeks are astonishing , aren't they , and , when they can suck their thumbs , I love the way the roundness of cheeks and eyes gives them a look of permanent mild surprise !
All in all , your summer sounds as though it's shaping up nicely !

Terra said...

That sounds like a nice visit and hope you find some takers for the tater salad. Next time you can jazz it up.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Happiness and contentment ooze from the page June. Molly the Mummy - cute. But no more babies for her!
This is a no-salt zone too, but I'm still in adjustment phase. My world tastes rather bland still!
Wonderful weather adds to life's successful recipe too, well I think so.

VioletSky said...

I am not happy about this sudden onset of humidity. It does not make me comfortable. Some potato salad would be nice. I suppose you always add some mustard, or curry, or peanut butter (yes, it is actually very good!)

Tom at Sightings said...

Didn't know they made a movie out of Running with Scissors. I read the book, and liked it, but it was a little grueling. It's suddenly gotten hot here, too, so sitting on the deck reading a book sounds just perfect.

Pauline said...

Love seeing a cat and a dog prowling about :) Wish I had both!

And comfortable is such a wonderful way to feel!

Carolynn Anctil said...

Love this post. Such serenity and contentment in it. I laughed with your description of your cat's hunting skills - ours is similar. I watched her watch a mouse run around our bedroom the other night.

I'm sitting here catching up on blogs, while my hair drip dries. *grin* High Five!