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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

We just watched The Reluctant Fundamentalist
Very heavy. But very worthwhile. 

No diatribe here, but it seems sometimes that our country just needs to . . . step away . . . from other countries' personal business, and let those countries' cultures exist as they will and not as we would have them. It seems we forget that we're all, this whole world over, just people. One by one. All just human beings.
And maybe money isn't every, single, important, thing in this world.

The movie made me think of New Hymn, written by Reynolds Price and sung by James Taylor.

Source of all we hope or dread
Sheepdog, jackal, rattler, swan
We hunt your face and long to trust
That your hid mouth will say again let there be light
A clear new day
But when we thirst in this dry night
We drink from hot wells poisoned with the blood of children
And when we strain to hear a steady homing beam
Our ears are balked by stifled moans
And howls of desolation from the throats of sisters, brothers, wild men
Clawing at the gates for bread
Even our own feeble hands
Aim to seize the crown you wear
And work our private havoc through
The known and unknown lands of space
Absolute in flame beyond us
Seed and source of dark and day
Maker whom we beg to be
Our mother father comrade mate
Til our few atoms blow to dust
Or form again in wiser lives
Or find your face and hear our name
In your calm voice the end of night
If dark may end
Wellspring gold of dark and day
Be here, be now


Terra said...

I will look for this film; I hadn't heard much about it.

Rubye Jack said...

I don't know. I can see being involved with other countries for the good of the people, to stop disease, as an aid to hunger. But I really don't know, which is kind of sad.

June said...

Rybye J, yes, I hear you. If only the help could be given without the now we own you part.

DJan said...

Reading that poem was very jarring. It's no wonder that we look away from these things. I'll take the time to find this film, for my own good.

Carolynn Anctil said...

I've been looking at that film wondering if it's one I'd like to watch. I had a feeling it would be heavy. I have to be in the mood for those. I'll definitely add it to my list.

I like James Taylor - I'll have a listen to his rendition of this piece.


June said...

The "sung by James Taylor" is a hyperlink to JT singing the song on youtube.

Hilary said...

June, I wish that more Americans believed as you did. To help a country as THEY require help is noble. To "help" a country as the U.S. sees fit, is dangerous.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I can't make up my mind. Generations of my family marched in and out of Aghanistan and achieved remarkably little to improve anyone's life .
But that's not to say that intervention is always wrong ... The reason it's been decided on is key , I suspect .

Barb said...

I can't abide the invasion of other countries - our young men are killed and many innocent lives in those countries are lost. Who are we to force our ways on others? We have enough problems of our own making in our country that seem to have no solutions. How can we offer solutions to others?

Tom said...

I agree. Sometimes you have to get involved, but most of the time we seem to meddle in other affairs at great expense to us and little or no help to them. Anyway ... nice poem/song.

Friko said...

The Ugly American. Remember him?
Helping is good, meddling isn’t. Even the helping has to have some basis in something beside profit.

Is there such a thing as selfless aid? Aid without an ulterior motive? The people may think so and want it to be so, but governments rarely do.

Linda Myers said...

Just added The Reluctant Fundamentalist to our Netflix queue. Thanks!

Vicki Lane said...

So much of our 'trying to help' seems to have ulterior motives and/or end up doing more harm than good. No wonder we long for the Deus ex machina to come down and fix everything.

Thanks for the food for thought!

Friko said...

June, apropos tipping:

It is NOT an insult here; in fact, your serving person would be very upset if you didn’t appreciate their efforts by handing over a tip.

Barb said...

Where the heck are you? I hope you're enjoying a spring thaw there and getting out to exercise with the dog.

June said...

Thanks, Friko. Good to know, assuming I'll ever be in the UK. :-)

Barb, no spring thaw yet. Ice storm two days ago, but 50 tomorrow. So there's hope.

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

esbboston said...

I see that the novel is available on Kindle.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Dear June,
Not after a response of any kind, just letting you know you have been on my mind, and sending all good thoughts and kind wishes your way.

Joe Todd said...

Stopped by to say Hi