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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

One day blending into the next, punctuated by pain

Well. I see that it is Wednesday. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. We shall be dining at our favorite semi-local hotel, and coming home to read and nap. Heaven. Thanksgiving praises.

My knee hurts. My right knee. My left knee hurt for months, but stopped some weeks ago. Went to the doctor, got checked for osteoarthritis. "A little, not much." A prescription for pain medication and a caution not to use it unless absolutely necessary. It turns out that the stuff is nearly useless, and Tylenol works much better anyway. Still, that pain persisted. Day in, day out. And then it went away. 

Came the cozy Saturday evening that I was loading wood into the wood stove, barefoot, as always. Woodbox very full, wood very slippery. And so I enjoyed my annual Firewood-to-Toe event. Just as much fun as always at the instant of impact and for several minutes thereafter. OH. MY. That hurts. This time it was my poor innocent middle toe instead of the Great Toe. (Great Toe sounds so much more aristocratic than Big Toe, doesn't it?) It was still somewhat sandal weather, so no problem. Wrapped it up, let it heal. Put off the pedicure for two weeks until I was sure the pedicurist would not faint. And so, the toe is now fine.

While the toe was sore, however, it was necessary that I alter my routine of rising from a sitting position, so as to bear the majority of my considerable weight on my heel rather than rolling forward to the toe area. And that's how the right knee went bad.  

I haven't gone to the doctor again. Neither for the toe nor the knee. It would be like drinking myself into oblivion every evening and complaining to the doctor that every morning I woke up with a headache and woozy stomach. The remedy for this knee pain is that I either need to get lighter in weight or grow legs similar in structure to those of a young elephant. I'm not really sure which will (would?) be more likely, or easier.

Yes, Friko. 
Exercising the brain and body during retirement. You are so completely self-disciplined. I try to emulate your habits. Trying to figure out knitting stitches that I've never done before, which do not translate from the way most people knit to the way I was taught to knit. And tap dancing, with a knee that will bear no weight, across the icy yard to the car, grabbing the door handle with a death grip.


Olga Hebert said...

I know where my aches and pains come from -- a lifetime of being a klutz. Bumping, tripping, falling, slipping. And keep me away from sharp objects!

Friko said...

What? Self disciplined? Whatever you do, do not emulate my habits.
I am a prevaricator, self-indulgent, have no willpower to speak of (you should see my chocolate habit), exercising mind and body are all very well in the abstract, doing it for real remains just out of reach.

Fair enough, I am quite well organised and avoid mishaps, but suffer from aches and pains nevertheless, mainly due to arthritis and (slight) overweight, old age comes into it somewhere too.

Good luck with the knees, try hot and cold compresses, and don’t stop moving. Sitting for too long is fatal. For the dogs too.

DJan said...

I lost fifteen pounds on a medium to small sized frame, and I was astounded at the difference it made on my knee pain. Then I started attending yoga classes, and now my knee pain has sunk into the background. That's not to say it's not still there, but it's bearable. Losing weight is hard but definitely worth it. Just saying' :-)

Joe Todd said...

Just stopped by to say Hi.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Hundreds of years ago when I was young, I used to wonder why older peoples' faces seemed to tighten when they stood up ...
Now I know .
Keep warm !

Terra Hangen said...

The Toe Incident was surely painful, and now your poor knee, compensating for the injured toe. Keep moving is usually the right advice; my little dog gets 3 walks a day from me which is keeping me moving for sure.

Agnes Lawson said...

Just thinking about the pain from the joints and smaller back makes me cringe. I remember years ago how my grandmother would say she knew when it was going to storm, she could feel it in her bones. Did yours say as much? Now that I am closing in on her age, I realized the grand lady was right. Old age is not pain free.

Agnes Lawson @ Pain Relief Experts

Blipfillypicklepoo said...

I've missed your posts! Congratulations on your retirement. I hope life is treating you well and that your pains have diminished since you wrote this post. Take care, June.

T.L. Merrybard said...

Roving pains can be a sign of Lyme Disease. Worth keeping in mind, especially if you have other symptoms like feeling deadly tired at times and so much else.

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Anonymous said...

you might like to read poemblog9.blogspot.com in your waking hours. Toodles, Mark.

Joe Todd said...

Just saying Hi

DUTA said...

From my own experience I can tell you that losing weight helps a lot with knee pain. Moreover, it prevents knee surgery and the need for pain killers. Walking is also helpful. So, go ahead!

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