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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Honest Scrap: Ten Fun Facts All About Me

My new friend at Bee~Content Ranch has tapped me to reveal/share/impart/offer up ten things you don't know about me.

So. This is a blog game.

I am participating in bloggamy.
Safer than bigamy.

Since nobody I know in Real Life yet knows I have this blog, and none of you Out There knows anything about me, this should be easy. Right?

So why the procrastination? What's the holdup here, Junie Moon?

1. My income is from tax dollars. Imagine, if you will, my current popularity.

2. I have three dogs and one cat, all of whom sleep with me, two of whom need to be lifted into my bed at night at least once. If either of them gets too warm or decides for some other reason to leave the bed and then wants back in, I have to get up and pick them up and replace them in the communal bed.

3. I have ridden a horse twice. The first time I was so little that my legs stuck out straight and I slid off the side as we walked along. The second time, twenty years later, we went through the woods in April. The horse's hooves filled up with snow. We hit a patch of ice and skated for a while. I do not foresee a third horseride.

4. I have never known what to do with children. God, in His Infinite Wisdom, gave me none.

5. I would be ecstatic if I were given permission to hibernate from November until April.

6. Husband and I built a 1700SF house using credit card money. When it was finished we got a home equity loan and paid off the credit cards.

7. I left a solid career and waited tables for fourteen years, leaving only because I broke my leg. I think everybody should wait tables as a sole source of income for a year. It teaches excellent lessons in carrying on with a smile despite every difficulty.

8. I believe animals are smarter, more trustworthy, and more able to meet Life's demands, than are most people.

9. I know the difference between "comprise" and "compose," and that they are not interchangeable.

10. And, from the sublime to the ridiculous....I think apple cider vinegar is the A1 best remedy for acid indigestion.


the7msn said...

June, it is truly a pleasure to get to know you. #4 - could have written it myself. #5 - ditto. #6 - you guys are geniuses. #8 - Amen.

Anonymous said...

Hi June,
What a blessing it was to find your note on my door this morning. 2009 is, indeed, already a little brighter.

There are so many similarities between us, based on the contents of this post.

I thank you sincerely for the wonderfully thoughtful and profound words you left for me to contemplate today. I look forward to getting to know you even better and welcome your visits in the future.

If I may offer a suggestion for you and your bedmates...put a sturdy set of steps beside your bed. I first did that when I had a senior citizen cat and it helped her negotiate access to & from my bed much more easily. My current companion continues to use it as well.

Big Hug,

June said...

7msn...I feared to put in #4, so I'm glad to know I'm not The Only One. As for #6, no we aren't geniuses: we were poor with good credit!

Carolynn There's a chest at the foot of the bed that could be "steps." They won't use it. Believe me, I've tried. I have spoiled them and am hoist on my own petard.

N Abram said...

What an excellent post! I will be spending more time on your blog :)!