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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Free at last!

First thing this morning Jane told me that I could go ahead and enter the payroll without her sitting next to me.

Oh, the joy of independence!

She had done some prep work before I started...things that I don't quite know how to do . . . but I did the payroll entry, and the payroll summary, and moved the money around from all the accounts to the one that the pay comes out of . . . with only a couple of minor foul-ups.

And then I got to enter thousands of dollars of water/sewer payments and the prepare the deposit for them.

My relief comes from feeling as if I am useful instead of an additional stressor and a drag! ...and also from not having her hanging over me, while I checked and doublechecked and counted and recounted and made SURE I was doing it right.

At noon-fifteen when I had finished all that, I left saying, "See you later." Then I went back and thanked her for letting me do all that.
"Oh, you're welcome!" she said.

I feel as if I've climbed a mountain and tobogganed down to the peaceful valley. If you're having a windy night where you are, it's the gusts of my hefty sighs of relief!


Carolynn Anctil said...

Yay! Now you're cookin'. I can feel your relief from here. I work better on my own. I'm not a fan of having someone standing over me, watching my every move.

Anonymous said...

Well, with a memletic logic score of about 99% logic, how relaxing could Jane be to be around, much less try to learn from? Mine was 3% logic, 13% verbal. Nothing new there. Love, November

Anonymous said...

See why I don't do this? "..memletic LEARNING acore.." November, just aging

June said...

Gee, November . . . you're one of the most logical people I know!