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Saturday, June 20, 2009

What a lovely day!

Oh, look! It's another foggy morning!
I can barely see the trees at the edge of the field, eight hundred feet away.

What's better than a full day of rain, after the last three weeks of days full of raindrops?
I can look forward to a high temperature of 72 degrees on this 20th day of June!

I have learned this spring that basil plants get woody when they get too much water.
I have learned that geranium blossoms that have been rained on for days look just like wet hair straight out of the shower. I break off the drowned things to help the plants decide to generate more flowers, but they aren't having it. My plants need umbrella hats.

The upside is that there's not a lot of that pesky deadheading to do.
Every cloud has a silver lining.
I am inundated with silver linings.


Wanda..... said...

I agree...enough already with the rain...my plants have done the same...as well as my hair!

Carolynn Anctil said...

Love the cheerful umbrellas for your plants. :o)

We've been getting quite a lot of sunshine here, which is very unusual. I feel for you with all that wet stuff. Hope it clears up soon!

P.S. Did you just change your blog format...I've been without internet service for a few days, and I tell ya, it's completely thrown me off. I like it....the new format, not the, well, you know. ;o)

June said...

Thanks for noticing!
Yes, I did change the format. The old one was too pink and too crowded for my current mood.

Susan said...

I came across your blog while "surfing". I really am digging it. Sounds like we have walked some of the same paths. I realized I was almost too helpful when a client called and asked where she had put something that was delivered months before. I suggested that she might have a closet that it was hiding in and sure enough, there it was. Anyway, just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. Have a great day!

June said...

Susan! Welcome to this nest o'mine!