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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Proust Questionnaire

Vanity Fair's website includes an interactive Proust Questionnaire. The questionnaire is a regular feature on the last page of each month's issue of the magazine and I always look forward to the pithy and witty responses.
I completed the questionnaire just now and find that the celebrity whose answers most closely match mine is Annette Bening. I haven't ever particularly cared for her. Now I have to read about her and see what it is that we have in common to cause our responses to be similar.

I'm back.
We have nothing in common except our political inclination.


Von said...

Who is she? Do you feel complimented?

June said...

A.B. is an actress, Warren Beatty's wife.
I don't feel especially complimented. In fact, it gives me pause.

Bernie said...

All I know is that she married an old man after he had been tomcatting for years and then had a family for him--four I think. She is beautiful and said to be the perfect wife!!!

June said...

I don't pay much attention to celebrities most of the time. I didn't even know that Warren Beatty had been considered an "old man" when she married him. Well used, yes. "Old," I didn't know.

June said...

...and today I most resemble Aretha Franklin.