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Monday, July 19, 2010

I am here: X

I am still, daily, humming and singing "What's Your Name." I can almost get all the verses (what are there, two?) in order now.
I have been sweating and reading simultaneously for lo these many days. 
Still working on walking and chewing gum simultaneously.

I have had no long thoughts worth enlargement and recording.
My thoughts have all been of the next drink of water. 
I have taken to filling two sixteen-ounce glasses with ice and water and moving my paraphernalia (in my basket) to shady airy spots, one after another as the sun moves.
Where I sit, waiting for a breeze. Refilling my beverage glasses with alarming frequency.

Going to work has taken on a new gloss because the place is...

This week is another staycation week, however.
Boo hoo. 

Somehow my staycation weeks seem to fill up inordinately with appointments: today a pre-op physical, the very idea of which makes me shudder (not because of the "op," but because of the checking over of all the awful things I have done and not done to and with my body and the revelation thereof); tomorrow Max to the vet for a post-op check. More on Max's Issue in another post.
And tonight I shall be at the office anyway because no one can take notes like I and there's a meeting which requires note-taking.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your staycation, June. Stay cool! :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. Did you see the baby hummers on the post "Baby Hummers for June?" :D

Friko said...

I had been wondering . . .

Good to have a sign of life;
Our heatwave has been and gone, now we are back to cool to middling and damp to soaked.
Heigh-ho, that's life.

#1Nana said...

Oh, I love the summer heat, sitting in the shade while warm, warm summer breezes float over my sweating skin. Sounds like a perfect staycation! All you need is a good book and a cold beverage (diet coke for me) and you're set for hours of vacation bliss.


Joey said...

I hate those exams too, and so do my dogs.

It's 100 degrees here and we've been gulping water like crazy. Too hot to got outside today.

Chillax and enjoy your time.

Carolynn Anctil said...

I'm posting my perspective on Air Conditioning tomorrow....

Good luck with your exam and your note taking.

Barb said...

I was glad to see that you (finally) posted - not to put any pressure on you... I hope you get an A+ on your op exam. It is still cool here. I hate to brag, but it's true! I'll be thinking of you - and Max.

Lord Wellbourne said...

I have this wonderful visual of you reclining upon cushions being fanned by something in a loin cloth and being fed sherbet on a silver spoon. Am I pretty close to actuality? Can't wait for the transcripts of THAT experience!

June said...

MBFarm, as you know, I did rush right over and check out your teensy baby hummingbirds! What a joy!

Friko, I could feel you wondering...

Nana, yup. I love it, but enough is enough already.

Joey, hating the exam created a self-fulfilling prophecy for me..."they" want me back on BP meds prior to surgery. Since it means less chance of stroking out or cardiac arrest on the table, I'll go for it.

Carolynn, I need to go see your a/c post.

Barb...cool? you say? I'm not surprised. You had SNOW not two weeks ago!

LW. Oh sure. Yup. That's my life all right. Absolutely. How'd you know. :-\

Lord Wellbourne said...

Because it's the mirror image of my own daily existence. Uh-huh, you betcha!