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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Thoughts of a civil servant

I have enjoyed this summer more than any in recent years. For years I was forbidden to take vacation time during the summer months, since that was the busier season at work. This year, after having battled through recurrent threats of being dismissed for non-existent problems with the municipal budget, I figured they could all see what it would be like if I weren't there, so I took a few staycations and soaked up the summer air for days on end. It's been good for my soul, and maybe it'll make the long dark winter a little more bearable. 
Nahhhh. Probably not. But still, it's been nice.

I have received an announcement of another civil service exam and I'll be taking that one in October. One never knowzzzzzz.....

Whatever you think about civil servants, consider these questions:
In what other job category is one never allowed to eject a "customer"?
In what other job category are all portions of the employee's life an accepted subject for general public discussion?  
When the public cries out against excessive taxes, which level of civil servant loses employment? (Hint: It is not the six-figure-salaried people.)
If you have never called the police, never needed a building permit, never needed public trash pickup, you might question why you should pay taxes for those services. What would it be like if your neighbors, who rely upon those services, didn't have them? Would your neighborhood be safe and clean?


Friko said...

Let's hear it for civil servants.
My Dad was one.

Lord Wellbourne said...

And the most important question of all: Considering the average "customer", how do civil servants manage to remain civil? Just what's in that water cooler, hmmm?