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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


For too many days last week and the week before and, it seems, back into living memory, there was rain here. Or, if not rain, dreary damp chilly days.
It is raining right now, at 3am, and I am feeling so good. 
I have the doors open.
It is sixty-four degrees. At 3am. 
The air smells fresh and feels good on my skin.
It feels like a summer night.
The plink and drum of the landing fat drops is satisfying, and by turns escalates to a soft white-noise thrum. 

I'll be going back to sleep soon, washed and soothed by this lullaby.


rachel said...

It's a soft mild day here too - no rain, but that's a blessing after some of the days we've had of late!

That's a beautiful painting you've posted here.....

Fran Hill said...

Yes, I love the sound of the rain, too. It sent me to sleep last night.

Wanda..... said...

Your soothing lullaby of rain was so different from my day of a tornado warning, with heavy rain and strong wind.

Thanks for your visit to my blog last night June.

Carolynn Anctil said...

Up at 3 a.m. to blog about the rain. Now, THAT'S dedication. *smile*

I'm less enthusiastic about the wet stuff. Truly, I would enjoy living in a place that was perpetually dry. Or, maybe, where it only rained at night while I was sleeping. That would be okay too, because it IS soothing to be inside where it's warm and dry, listening to rain drops patter outside.


And, big hugs to all your furry, four-legged senior citizens.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi June, I'm still trying to catch up after being gone for about a week. We had alot of WIND and 'some' rain this past week.... Just like you, I love it!!!!! AND--we are so desperate for rain here...

Hope you didn't get any of that severe weather... We got lucky and did not get anything other than some high winds.. No damage though.

Beautiful canvas.... Thanks for sharing.

Joey said...

Sigh... how beautiful. I would take a nap if the conditions were right.

Thank you,

Friko said...

If you can manage to get back to sleep after a wakeful spell like this, you are lucky. And go to work next day?

My nighttime visions are a lot less peaceful.

Barb said...

We should E-mail each other when we're wandering around sleepless at 3 AM, June! Your rain makes me feel peaceful.

June said...

Barb...yabbut...my 3am is your midnight. And your 3am would be Time To Get Up.
Maybe we can work out something, all the same. ;-)

Frank Baron said...

"plink and drum" -- I like that. :)

Carolina said...

Ooo, lovely. I like the painting too.
It's rather damp over here too. It starts to smell a bit mouldy outside. We need a couple of dry, sunny Autumn days. We'll have to make do with what we get. And hopefully still feel good ;-)

Rusty said...

Thats a haunting painting. (In a good way). There is something about the first real snowfall of the winter - how it mutes all the sounds which surround us. We have had too much rain around our area this summer.

morningbrayfarm said...

Simply beautiful, June.

Lord Wellbourne said...

The rain in Maine plays mainly in the brain. I love the tink-tunk as it caresses the different wind chimes hanging from the trees about the yard.

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant.
Absolutely brilliant.