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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rerun: Ten Fun Facts All About Me

 first posted December 31, 2008

My new friend at Bee~Content Ranch has tapped me to reveal/share/impart/offer up ten things you don't know about me.

So. This is a blog game.

I am participating in bloggamy.
Safer than bigamy.

Since nobody I know in Real Life yet knows I have this blog, and none of you Out There knows anything about me, this should be easy. Right?

So why the procrastination? What's the holdup here, Junie Moon?

  1. My income is from tax dollars. Imagine, if you will, my current popularity.
  2. I have three (11/30/2010: only two now) dogs and one cat, all of whom sleep with me,  two of whom need to be lifted into my bed at night at least once. If either of them gets too warm or decides for some other reason to leave the bed and then wants back in, I have to get up and pick them up and replace them in the communal bed.
  3. I have ridden a horse twice. The first time I was so little that my legs stuck out straight and I slid off the side as we walked along. The second time, twenty years later, we went through the woods in April. The horse's hooves filled up with snow. We hit a patch of ice and skated for a while. I do not foresee a third horseride.
  4. I have never known what to do with children. God, in His Infinite Wisdom, gave me none.
  5. I would be ecstatic if I were given permission to hibernate from November until April.
  6. Husband and I built a 1700SF house using credit card money. When it was finished we got a home equity loan and paid off the credit cards.
  7. I left a solid career and waited tables for fourteen years, leaving only because I broke my leg. I think everybody should wait tables as a sole source of income for a year. It teaches excellent lessons in carrying on with a smile despite every difficulty.
  8. I believe animals are smarter, more trustworthy, and more able to meet Life's demands, than are most people.
  9. I know the difference between "comprise" and "compose," and that they are not interchangeable. (11/30/2010:  Upon further reading, I learned that this was an untrue conceit on my part.)
  10. And, from the sublime to the ridiculous....I think apple cider vinegar is the A1 best remedy for acid indigestion.


Tracy said...

HAH!! Thanks for sharing; personally I like Number 5...the permision to hibernate. YES! I too, would like to be granted this as well, although with certain parameters so I could still write, and read and take photos...and not neglect my family!


Pearl said...

Re: the apple cider vineger, my brother believes the same.

Me, I LOVE vinegar and am willing to believe whatever people tell me about it. Wonderful stuff.



Wanda..... said...

I have ridden a horse only twice in my life too, June. On my uncle's farm as a child and on vacation in Tennessee 12 years ago!

Autumn Mist said...

I am totally with you on the hibernating, even though I have horses. Wake me up in April! My dog also sleeps on the bed in winter, but if she gets off in the night, that's her problem (she is quite capable of getting back on again). I also totally agree that animals have more sense/loyalty etc than the average human. If I'd realised that years ago, I'd have skipped children and stuck with a dog and a horse.

Rosanne said...

I do not have a blog...but I sure enjoy reading yours. I would also love to hibernate...but...to escape the horrid Arizona summers. I also have a dog that must be lifted onto my bed each night. I have horses, so I can say that I have ridden quite a bit more than you. Apple cider vinegar is the best remedy for lots of things! :)

Carolynn Anctil said...

This could be my life. Except for the way I earn my income, which should, by default, make me wildly popular and yet...

Oh boy, I wish I'd known about #10 last night...

Carolynn Anctil said...

Oh...and the horse thing. I love riding, which is good, because that's probably the only way people could tell us apart, if this list is any indication. *smile*

Carolynn Anctil said...

Oh...one more thing...I have a sturdy step stool by the side of my bed, so my senior animals can make their way up & down on their own. Works wonders.

....okay....I think I'm done now....

Darla said...

Wait! I thought we DID have permission to hibernate?! Uh-oh...

Barb said...

Well, June, I nearly misread your message and thought one of the dogs had died. Thank goodness I didn't send condolences. Actually, I think Apple Cider (unfiltered, organic of course) is a miracle cure. Sorry, but no hibernating for you!

Fran Hill said...

Love number 3 about the horses. Made me laugh. Good list.

Friko said...

well, you're really quite human, aren't you?

I have never ridden a horse;
I have children but no idea what to do with them and will never learn;
I have waited tables twice: in a fish and chip shop where I lasted one lunch time and in a bar where I was the star of the show, for nearly a year.

(Hang on, there's a post in them)

June said...

Thanks, all, for the nice feedback!

Tracy, I think writing, photographing and reading would be acceptable during my hibernation time. Frankly it's the dogs that, in part, make me want to burrow in for months, so "neglecting my family" might not make my list.

Pearl, have you ever had methigulum or the same drink by another name? Water, vinegar, powdered ginger, and sugar. A great summertime drink, and if you like vinegar, you'd love it.

Wanda, twice is enough for some things, I think.

Autumn Mist, nahhh. You wouldn't have skipped the children. Well. Maybe if you hadn't had them, you wouldn't know you would miss them...

Roseanne, thanks for letting me know you're out there. Start a blog and I'll return the favor. :-p

Carolynn, try the vinegar next time! A tablespoonful. I've seen pictures; trust me . . . people could tell us apart. :-p
Oh, and the step thing for the bed. Tried it. My dogs prefer mother's arms. [sigh]

Darla! DO WE??? Check and let me know because I need to cancel some appointments!

Barb, one of the dogs did die, but it was in March, 2009. Condolences, I think, might be like thank you notes: never too late. No hibernating? Are you absolutely positive?

Fran, I made you laugh. I shall savor that, since you make me laugh all the time!

Friko, "really quite human"? Did I seem alien-like? You waited table in a bar and were the star of the show . . . yes, I can see that. I bet you had 'em laughing!

Lord Wellbourne said...

I have the most marvelous visual picture of the wee you sliding sideways off the horse. Hibernation doesn't always require sleeping. It is mostly about energy conservation during winter months when food is scarce. A coffee maker, stack of books, variety packs of munchies, and a comfy couch with blankies are all that's required. Oh, and severing the telephone cord/burying the charger. That's a biggie.

morningbrayfarm said...

Since I missed this the first time around, I really enjoyed getting to know you better. :)

BD (before Don), all four girls slept with me. Currently, just the Baby (Kassie) sleeps with us.

Same on children.

I would be ecstatic times a zillion if I were given permission to hibernate from November until April. I absolutely positively hate winter and find myself terribly depressed. There, I said it.

Check on waiting tables and check on animals.

Don is constantly suffering from acid indigestion. How does one take apple cider vinegar to treat it? Just a tablespoon? Thanks Junie Moon!

VM Sehy Photography said...

I hear you about horse rides. My first one I was six and on a full quarter horse. It saw a snake and decided to buck. I have never held on so tight to anything in my whole life. The second time I was on my friend's horse and she decided it would be fun to smack her horse on the rear sending it galloping toward a barbed wire fence. Well, I didn't know how to turn a horse or make it jump. So I pulled on the reins to get it to stop. She then grumped at me for pulling too hard. Yeah, well, you should have known better. So far, I have never been on another horse ride either.

June said...

Lord W, another biggie: Somebody else to let the dogs in and out.

Morning Bray, yes, a tablespoon. Or two, if he can stand it. (Some people can't and I've dosed them and had to stand out of the way to the bathroom for them to . . . get rid of it...)

Sehy Photography, Horse People have a funny sense of humor, sometimes. How long did it take for the two of you to start speaking again?

June said...

Rosanne, I'm sorry. I added what you probably think of as "the dreaded 'e'" to your name.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Why did you rethink the "compose-comprise" issue? As a former magazine editor, I continue to rankle each time I hear the two confused. The same with lie-lay, which-that, and chaise LOUNGE instead of LONGUE. Just because these errors have become so common does not mean they are correct. Sorry. I can't help being pedantic sometimes.

This was a fun post.

June said...

Woodswalker, I don't mind pedantry in this case. :-)
It isn't so much that I changed my mind as that I gave up. Language changes constantly, and holding on to what was correct in the face of a flood of what appears to be incorrect usage but actually may be a change just seemed hopeless. I would not use compose and comprise interchangeably. Some do and I just no longer correct them.
See http://thewritingresource.net/2010/02/04/grammar-bite-compose-vs-comprise/

VM Sehy Photography said...

I don't think it was too long until I started talking to my friend again. Over the years, we've both done some pretty stupid things to each other, so we tend to forgive and forget. I think it was about a couple of days at the time, though. Life goes on.

Lord Wellbourne said...

Correction: Somebody to install a doggie-door. Although your 'biggie' could work if the one letting them in and out is also refilling your cup, returning the library books, and making snack/munchie runs.

Murr Brewster said...

Oh, that comprise/compose thing is such a source of misery. Once I got it (early: my father DRILLED it into us), I got to spend a lifetime being irritated that it's used wrong 95% of the time. And half of the other 5% just got lucky. And no one else cares.

I think we're going to get along.

Rosaria Williams said...

Glad to know you!

Pam said...

That hibernation idea is great. Suggest it to the authorities.

fiftyodd said...

Apple cider vinegar is supposed to be good for arthritis too. Anyone agree? I struggle to swallow it in water but am going to try the ginger and sugar!