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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Site planning

There was a sign similar to this one on my road, erected several years ago. 

I didn't notice it until it began to lean a little. 
It was planted in the ditch of a dirt road, after all, on a hill . . . where rain and snowmelt run three feet deep this time of year. 
It isn't any wonder that it began to tip, first just slightly, then a little more, then to about forty-five degrees. 
I've been watching it ever since that last change. I checked it every day on my way home to see if it appeared to have listed yet more.
During the last snowstorm a plow must have winged it and the poor horse was head first in the snowbank.
Its message had changed considerably from "be aware that people are riding horses on this road."

I had to recreate the image for you. 
I could have taken photos of the thing as it daily lurched ever earthward, but did not.

The sign and post have been removed now.
If it's replaced, I'll be able to start fresh. 
Any sign located where that one was has a predictably short lifespan.


VioletSky said...

They could have left it to say: beware of falling head first into the ditch.

rachel said...

Perhaps if you were to start a little archaeological dig where the sign once was, you'd find a splendid horse burial (rider optional)?

Blipfillypicklepoo said...

Beware the headless horse, man.

Olga said...

Our mailbox had a similar encounter with a snow plow.

Vicki Lane said...

Hoping that any actual horse and rider fared better....

Barb said...

How funny - hope no horses and riders were stuck in a snow bank!

Friko said...

Perhaps it said: "this way to the trough".

Lord Wellbourne said...

I am still laughing at VioletSky and blipfillypicklepoo's remarks...very clever people. I think that would be an ideal location for ALL campaign signs, don't you? Possibly even for the candidates themselves? I'd certainly slow down. It's easier to aim that way.

Grandmother Mary said...

In the light of what's going on in the world, it's hard not to read harbingers of danger into this.

Falcondawn said...

Yeah hello,

nice article. Poor horse landed in snow with head first. Last years wintertimes were very cold here in europe. So nature or we all have to pay tribute to cold, even horses. Riders also. Burials are everywhere its culture in western world.

Some riders did survive, not all are fallen. And if someone falls, what does he have to do? Get up, stand up or? Lord Wellbourne: I can hardly understand, what is funny or clever about it. In Wintertimes markers or signs could be replaced by more significant ones.

Harbingers of danger? Thats a myth or? Grandmother imagine a horse would be outputted somewhere else. In an environment not known and no one would care too much. That horse would extreme fast loose orientation. Take them by the hand, then perhaps instead of waiting till they fail, bring danger or harm someone.

But at end everyone knows better or all did learn their lesson.

Okay however very interesting.

Visit my blog, if you like. Its always worth I think:


Lord Wellbourne said...

I think, Falcon, perhaps you are missing the subtleties of American humour. Falling into a ditch--on or off horseback--is not funny. The subtlety of a caption or a clever turn of phrase is. As you become more familiar with blogs written by adept writers you will see the difference. Happy reading!

Falcondawn said...

I will have to learn: we all. You know Lord Wellbourne, when I was sixteen years old, I went to Britain. Ilfracombe.

There is one of the oldest Lighthouses, I heard or learned. Lighthouses are and were there to warn ships or give signals. Nowadays also "f.e." radars or other techniques are used.

A nice girl told me, when we got up to my guestroom, after being warned by my guestfamily (no hanky-panky please upstairs):

"I don´t want and you know why. Nothing is harder than life. Even not you or something in-between us."

Not even me or my other "blog":


All the best


Morning Bray Farm said...

You are so clever, June. I'm glad you recreated the image for us. :)

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi June, Too bad about that horsie.... It's not good to go face down in the snow!!! ha ha.. Our neighbor's mailbox got knocked down during the winter by a snow plow.... Oh Well!!!

Have a nice weekend.

Hilary said...

Shades of The Godfather..

Blipfillpicklepoo's comment cracked me up.

Fun post, June.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Just as well this hasn't happened to the Old People Crossing sign near our house ( and no , the sign wasn't put up with me in mind! ).

Joey said...

You are good!

I hope no one was hurt while riding during the winter...


Monica Devine said...

Hahaha! I'm in love with horses so this one really caught my eye...