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Saturday, May 18, 2013

A few passing observations

US Deputy Attorney General James Cole . . .
 James Cole Irs Scandal

. . . looks like the actor, Dennis Farina.

Betty Ford admitted she was addicted to drugs and alcohol, got treatment, 
and everybody stood up and cheered for her. 
Such a heroine. 
Where's my parade?
I'm not bitter, you understand. I'm glad for myself, but it came to mind, 
nudged by recent "news" stories.
Angelina Jolie had her breasts removed [and replaced].
What a brave soul!
Her new breasts will have an even bigger following than her natural ones did.

Me, I just go around with my prosthesis falling out the neckline of my top 
and going PLOP! on the floor 
if I bend over to get a package of copy paper. 
Nobody's elbowing me out of the way to get a look at it.


Friko said...

you don’t post for ages and then you post two humdingers. Mild humdinger, but humdingers all the same.

You could write about the opening of an envelope and I’d still be enthralled by your dry and wry humour, sense of timing and the way you put words together like Mozart made each note follow the next perfect note.

Yes June, that’s how it goes, the credit and kudos goes to those who already have it. Perhaps Jolie glues hers on? Have you tried superglue?

DJan said...

What Friko said. I agree that it's not a very fair world out there, but heck June, you can write about it and bring your own world right into mine, and I would MUCH rather spend the day with you than with Angelina. :-)

Rose ~ from Oz said...

When you don't blog for a while, I hope you never wonder (if) your'e missed!

georgia little pea said...

Those 2 guys really look alike. This post is like a mini TMZ.

rachel said...

Every day is your parade, June. I'm cheering from the sidelines.

poison-baby said...

Is this the official post where people are finally able to confirm their love for you after binge reading? If not, why not? To think if I had not had the "waitmare" dreams (as Uncle Google has informed me they are called) for so many years and had I not woken up from one last night suddenly inspired to find out once and for all what this is all about, I would never found you and your blog and your way with words and would probably have found some other lesser way to waste my time today. thank you.

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