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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Camo Cat

This is a picture of a cat.
The 7MSN Ranch's Camo George inspired me to find this in my archived photos.

Field walking is not limited to dogs. MiMau comes trotting after, yelling to let me know that she's back there. Gaited differently from the dogs, she runs and rests, runs and rests. When she runs her little tummy swings from side to side like a cow's bag.

While always bringing up the rear, she never loses sight of us.

On the day of the CamoCat picture, I had lost sight of her, and worried until I finally saw her peeky little face in the grapevine brush.

I have a friend who believes that cats know how to camouflage themselves and given choices, will place themselves where they are difficult to find against the background.

On occasion, it's difficult for MiMau, even with her multiple pale shadings, to find a place to hide. Her philosophy is that, under certain circumstances, One Must Make Do.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I took me sooo long to spot her! Excellent job MiMau!

The barncat where I work often follows me as I go about my duties, giving his characteristic squeaking meow as though he's having an ongoing conversation with me.

BTW, thank you for my letter! I will have to "Ponder" it....

Tigerbi said...

I found her, too, after awhile....she loves taking center stage, no? :)

Mary said...

I couldn't find her until I clicked to enlarge the picture. My cat usually just hides under blankets.

I love the wood burning stove.

June said...

Carolynn...don't you just love talking cats?

Tigerbi...MiMau doesn't just take center stage. She creates the stage around her! ;-)

And Mary...MiMau just adores her stove. She and Marly usually arrange themselves as near it as they can get without singeing.

the7msn said...

I gave up after a few minutes and enlarged the picture - that sneaky little cat. The only place my outdoor cat would be able to camouflage himself is in a coal mine.