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Friday, July 3, 2009


It's been a long time since I indulged in Inspire Me Thursday, whose prompt for this week is Cheeks.

No essay or story here; just impressions.

My mother's cheek, scented with Max Factor face powder, on my seven-year-old Sunday mornings.
My animals' cheeks, the perfect spot for sound kisses.
My question to a cosmetician friend: "What's a moonface?" Her answer, accompanied by a circular hand motion in the area of her face: "A lot of cheek."
Piers Morgan's reference to Susan Boyle's "cheeky smile."
My sixteen year old purplish acne-scarred cheeks. Thank the Lord those scars faded!
The apples of my cheeks where I am, at this Certain Age, advised to apply blush.

I had hoped for more here, but that's about it.
I need, now, to move my butt cheeks in the direction of morning errands.


kt said...

Very Stream of Conciousness and that leads to streams in my own about cheeks! And oh, how I know about needing to move the butt cheeks when one would so much rather procrastinate or rather, create! LOL

kt said...

I agree that squirrels are cute. I love your blog but haven't had a moment to read it all. I just did the cat one though and I swear we are the same person you and I--I could have written that when I lived on my dirt road in Highgate. One dog, two cats, walking to the main road to meet future husband and his dog in a pick-up truck. Me, like the pied piper, with pets stretched behind. The pile of us--all hysterical, except future hubby--he has since learned to laugh--in the cab of a very small truck. Too funny--these pets. Two cats now--one fat and scaredy--one anorexic and athletic--guess who rules the roost? I was a customs inspector at Highgate in those old days. Fun

Lori said...

Hi June,
Thanks for the comment on my poem. Your piece is really good. Too clever. I love the imagery and especially the part about the butt cheeks. I so wanted a way to work that into my own piece but it just so didn't go with what I already had so I had to let it go.
Pets are wonderful aren't they???

Lori said...

Your writing is lovely June. I've read several of your posts and I will be back. I put you on my blog list and happily you'll be right near the top!

soulbrush said...

ha ha what a lotta fun here.my butt cheeks arwe getting numb reading all these wonderful posts.

soulbrush said...

love the name of your blog btw.

June said...

kt, would that be Highgate, V'mon'?
No question on the ruler of the roost. Anorexic and athletic trumps fat and scaredy every time.

Lori, thank you for that "lovely." You have fed my soul.

soulbrush, thanks. I thought, when I chose my blog's name that it was clever and unique. I have since found that it is not unique, and not nearly so clever as I first imagined.