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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day

As usual I am up and moving too early. I would like to think that with this extra time I will be up and out and voting on my way to work. More likely I'll fiddle around and waste this time and vote on my way home.
I know that I will be voting today.

Since I live two towns over from where I work, I won't be able to vote in the election that will affect my livelihood for a few years to come. Up for election, or in one case, re-election, three seats* on the board that governs the municipality for which I work.

The only position that holds any uncertainty is the top seat.
The result of this election will be governing board comprising:
  • One convicted felon;
  • One reasonable person;
  • *One prince;
  • *One apprentice prince;
  • *And, in the center seat, either an unstable narcissist or an experienced, knowledgeable and realistic person.
It's an off year for national elections, but in my world this is it. There is a sense of gloom for those of us who anticipate these next few years with a board majority who thinks Nike's admonition to just do it is a valid mantra for governing. Just make the motions, pass the laws, demolish existing law . . . all without forethought, examination, or, indeed, any consideration of other laws violated by those actions.

The bottom line, and face time on camera, are all to this majority.
Cut the budget; give away the store.
Remove from the budget all funds to pay for training and for the books that delineate the law to be enforced.
Truck away equipment as cost-free gifts to neighboring municipalities.
Move adding machine departments into the same square footage as departments with a lot of noisy public exposure.
If all this results in employee inefficiency, the felon announces at a public meeting: "We'll just get rid of the employees."
And the irony of it all is that there will be no reduction in taxes.

So I will vote.
My vote will make little difference to most of the hours of my waking life.
I will vote, in my hometown, for people with whom I would like to work.
It is possible, after all, that that might come to pass.


Wanda..... said...

The School Levy is the river that divides here...if it fails the state will take over the school...if it passes higher taxes take over everyone. I have voted!

Joe Todd said...

Things have a way of working out. At least I've done my part when I vote.

Susan said...

I'm from VA and I voted early. This way I feel like my voice is being heard.

June said...

I did go and vote before work. In my little town, I was voter #53. :-P

There's always some big issue in local elections, isn't there, Wanda?
And yes, Susan! Get your voice heard! Voting, to me is like giving blood. I feel a little taller afterward.
Joe, you're right. It'll all work out the way it's supposed to. I'm beginning to feel as if anybody who runs for public office deserves the pain-in-the-neckness of it all!