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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve

The pies are baked and cooling. The salad parts are chilled and prepped and wait in little bags for tossing together with my own dried basil and a myriad of other herbs and the red onion, which rests in the garden until morning. The cranberries have been sweetened and cooked into sauce. The Yukon gold potatoes have been boiled with a few cloves of garlic, and whipped with white pepper and a secret (because Husband thinks he doesn't like it) touch of good ol' Bell's seasoning and loaded into a casserole, sprinkled with paprika for reheating. Husband is browning the sausage and onions for the stuffing, with the homegrown dried sage.

The fresh turkey presents its nether parts to me at every opening of the refrigerator. It is the final insult available to the poor bird, who becomes an afterthought among this panoply of dietary excess.

Shrimp to be roasted and cocktailed, menaste marinating, to be reheated with cannelini added at the final moment, sweet potatoes and acorn squash, and the tablecloth are morning chores.

You would think we had the Russian army coming for dinner.
We will be a total of five.
By 5:00pm tomorrow we will be five stuffed and logy folk.

How fortunate we are.


threecollie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Carolynn Anctil said...

Ah, a home filled with blessings. What a fabulous meal you'll be having! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your houseful.

Mary said...

You've made it sound very enviable. Enjoy the day.

Joe Todd said...

Very well done and now I want some acorn squash

Lord Wellbourne said...

After reading this I feel famished--something I never thought I'd feel again after yesterday's cornucopia of culinary delights. I hope you had a day of bliss. The Russian's don't know what they missed!!

Barb said...

Hi June,
Even though it's after T-giving, your post makes me hungry. Thank goodness you didn't mention the kind of pies... Those potatoes sound so interesting - must try them.

June said...

Thank you all for coming by and leaving me notes!
It was a great and blissful day and I did feel as if we were surrounded with blessings. The acorn squash never did get fixed; the sweet potatoes kind of took their place. Too much orange food, dontchaknow.
The pies were just okay; I should've put more spice in the apple.
Barb, the potatoes started out as a How-Bad-Could-This-Make-It? idea. Potatoes are just sort of blank slate, you know...you can do anything you want to them.