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Saturday, May 15, 2010

No time

I had thought I would write and write and write and I haven't. I have, instead, spent all the time in the world sitting in the sun reading, staring at the sky, the birds, the driveway's border of Norway spruces with their new growth . . . green soft toes all over their trunks and limbs. I have regularly refreshed the oranges on the birch trees for the orioles. 
Occasionally I remember to have the camera with me.

On Tuesday morning I took off my watch and put it in a brass candy dish near the kitchen sink.  I have thought about replacing it on my wrist, but haven't.

This morning Husband said something about the weather . . . wondering if it would be good weather for lawnmowing when he gets home tonight. 
"Tomorrow is supposed to be a great day," I said. "Sunday too."
I have lost all track of time; what a relief.

Four days off to recuperate, two more (weekend days, they don't count for as much) to go, before the Monday morning descent from the hill across the valley to work.  

If I had no job, no place I needed to be at any given time, would I develop a routine? 
Would it seem desirable to do so? 


threecollie said...

I don't look at time when we are at camp and it is the most incredible freedom I have known.

rachel said...

Having no job to go to, I find that a routine has only limited uses. Yes, it's handy to remember what day the bins need to be put out for emptying, and so on, but a calendar keeps me right. Often I forget to put my watch on for days, and I don't notice. And I find that I don't sleep too much either - something that I thought might happen when I retired. Enjoy your last few days of work-free Being.

VioletSky said...

having time to daydream should be a part of any daily routine. I think that makes the other routines bearable.
I take it your recuperation is going smoothly?!

Fran Hill said...

This post was lazy and dreamy and completely enviable.

June said...

threecollie, it sure is freeing, isn't it!?

Rachel, I'm surprised that I'm not sleeping all day too! In fact, last night was the first night in ages that I spent a whole five hours in my bed!

VioletSky, recuperation is so smooth that I could forget I had surgery! I love my doctor!

Fran, thanks. That's how these few days have made me, too . . . lazy and dreamy. :-)

Carolynn Anctil said...

It sounds like a wonderful few days of rest & recovery. I rarely wear a watch on my weekends. I think you would develop a routine, although it may be much less attached to the clock.


Inay said...

When you put yourself into routine it is like putting yourself into box
but it really helps a lot...
because it save time and effort...

so I might as well say
the minute you jump into
cross your heart to undo
in a one minute call solution

God bless

Midlife Roadtripper said...

"Would it seem desirable to do so?"

I don't know. Now, as I get older, for hoping for an opportunity to not have a set routine, to discover what I might want to do with my time. Of course, tht will arrive with a full-time job, but it won't have all the other activities that my children brought to the party.

I don't think I would ever yearn for a routine.

Paul C said...

Love the photo of the oriole and oranges! Great idea to suspend the fruit like this.

June said...

I have taken off my watch for the weekend. I like it. I shall develop a weekend routine, if any at all, based on the light in the sky and my mood rather than the tiny hands on the tiny face on my wrist.

Paul C, thanks. I was making a virtue of necessity, sticking the orange halves onto a metal skewer, birch trees having few places to affix them.