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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Post-Thanksgiving Saturday

A fairly recent phenomenon: I often wake myself up talking to my dream companions. Husband told me the other morning he could hear me singing in my sleep. He didn't recognize the melody, he said, "but it was tuneful," a choice of words that made me laugh. As I poured my coffee and fed the dogs I had Helen Reddy singing Delta Dawn rattling around in my head. I never cared much for that song; it's hard to believe that, in my sleep, having no one but myself to please, I would choose to sing it.

Thanksgiving Day
A smaller group this year than on any holiday in recent years, but what a combo. Husband invited friend Joe, I invited friend Barb. They'd never met and I had a great deal of fun watching them preen for each other. 
Barb brought her dog Moby with her and Angus, who, you will recall, loves new friends, did his best to drive his guest mad with attention. Moby is an elderly, gentlemanly dog, however, and finally, after increasingly stern admonitions, made it clear that he preferred to watch undistracted for falling food. Angus stood back, tail all a-twitchet, quivering with happiness, but . . . back.
Food holidays belong to Husband and he is always extremely ambitious with his array of menu items. It's a family tradition that something gets forgotten. Usually it's the bread or rolls; this year it was the cranberry sauce. Practically treasonous, isn't it, to forget the cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving? But there it is,  still sitting virginally untouched in the fridge. 
I put away almost more food than we put out. We really have to talk about downsizing his offerings. He thinks maybe it's time to begin dining out on Thanksgiving. Fine with me. I'll be days cleaning and putting away every dish and cooking pan and utensil we own. And that was for four people.
By the time we got to dessert . . . two pies, a two-layer carrot cake, and cookies . . . I was nearly passing out from food overload. Most of the sweets are still nearly intact and I happily nibble between dishwasher loads. 

The weather is unbelievable. When have we ever had such a stretch of sunny, near-sixty-degree days in November? I adore it; I am out walking more now than I was when it was Official Good Weather time. 
Yesterday I thought I had lost my camera. I looked upstairs and down, in all the places where I put things so I won't forget where they are. It was in none of those places. Aha! There it was, among the Keurig cups on the kitchen counter! Who would not have looked there first? I'm just relieved to have it back again. I thought the gremlins (or that goddamn Jim D---- . . . a story for another time) had taken it. 

Late on Thursday evening I was once again reading about the benefits of apple cider vinegar. One site advised that if you drink water all day long, it's as well to add a splash of vinegar at every fill-up rather than add two teaspoons in one "dose." I tried the "adding a splash at every fill-up" yesterday. I do not recommend it. I needed a Pepcid at bedtime, which altogether defeats the purpose of the vinegar.


The Cranky Crone, she lives alone! said...

The weather is the same here June, so much more spring than Aurtumn/Winter.
I still have Geraniums flowering in the garden, who'd a thunk it, after last years glacial type weather.
Im loving it though especially not having use the central heating so much.
Reading about your Thanksgiving dinner made me hanker for some.

georgia little pea said...

it seems every blog i've read today has a foodie story. having skipped brekkie, eaten lunch at 4.30pm, skipped dinner [unless you count a mango], i wish that 2-layered carrot cake was sitting in MY fridge.

i also wish we had that marvellous weather here. despite the fact that summer is almost upon us, it's been cold, windy and dripping non-stop here [except for when it's storming]. if only i could put my ugg boots away once and for all...

Wanda..... said...

Thanksgiving Day was shirt-sleeve weather here too, June, but next week colder temps will settle in. I cooked for 18, all went smooth, not a single 'uh oh/shoot'... hope it's a repeat at Christmas.

DJan said...

Sometimes I wonder where people live when they talk about weather like that... no such luck here, we had a huge windstorm and then driving rain on Thursday for Thanksgiving, but then a sunny but cool day yesterday (Friday). Today the rain starts again. But I didn't move to the Pacific Northwest hoping for sunny skies!

Your dinner sounds wonderful. Look at all the leftovers you will have for DAYS. :-)

Linda Myers said...

My husband cooks as though there are ten kids waiting to eat (that was the case decades ago). But everyone who shares the meal gets to fix a plate of leftovers, and what's left is just right for us.

Rubye Jack said...

It is so interesting how we all cook way too much. It's as if we need to have one of everything that is good. Regardless, I have never seen a Thanksgiving meal go to waste since it all works so well as leftovers. Yummy.

Friko said...

Hey June, you're good at people watching: friends 'preening' for each other. Dogs similarly and everybody stuffing themselves. Perfect holiday, of whatever sort.

Barb said...

We're in Denver, and it is also incredible here - sunny and spring-like except for the fallen leaves. My Mother believed that vinegar strengthened the fingernails. She was never wrong.

Sally Wessely said...

Thanksgiving can become quite a chore with all the cooking. My daughter did it all this year, and it all seemed quite effortless. I hate all the clean-up.

I'm glad you had such great weather.

Carolynn Anctil said...

Wow! Sounds like you had quite the feast on Thanksgiving and excellent company - of both the two legged and the four legged kind.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

It all sounds perfect .... good friends , lots of wonderful food and wagging tails !

Vicki Lane said...

Amazing weather! We ate lunch out on the deck yesterday.