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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend. At last.

I have written lyrical, pretty prosey posts. This is not one of those.
I am so glad it's the weekend I could plotz.

For most of the week . . . no, for all of the week, I wrestled with one of the cops' "times used" in order to get it right for reimbursement from the workers compensation insurer. He got his finger broken while subduing an evildoer on June 13, and came back to work on September 8. What with hours used from accumulated Comp time, Holiday time, Personal time, Vacation time, Sick time, and 36 hours one week and 44 hours the next week to make several two-week, eighty-hour pay periods, the project just about drove me around the bend. It's about as done now as I can get it. If I have to go back at it again on Monday I might have to cry or vomit or just get up and come home. Or go to the bus station and wait for the next Greyhound no matter where it's going.
My right eyelid is red and puffy.  Just the lid, not the eyeball. I believe it is the fault of my makeup or my facial cleanser having gotten into my eye. This happened before and it healed itself in a few days.  At that time I determined not to use the cleanser around my eyes and not to overdo the makeup too close to the lash line. I broke both of those rules and the next day? You guessed it. I went to work yesterday with my Quasimodo eye and no makeup, hoping somebody would say, "You look sick and should go home immediately." No one did. No one even noticed or mentioned it until I was walking out the door at 4:30. 
Did I mention I'm glad it's the weekend?

On the way home I stopped at the bank, withdrew funds to pay the school tax and put the check in the mail. It is due on Monday: perfect timing. Then I stopped and picked up a greasy delicious pepperoni and onion pizza for supper. At this rate, what care I about the numbers of my cholesterol and my bathroom scale? It is the weekend and it is all mine. Mine, mine . . . all mine. I even believe that the sun might shine. If I die before Monday, at least I will be current with my school taxes.


esbboston said...

I arn glacl you got your ta><es clone. The vvorlcl is falling apart faster than vve can probably irnagine, even some of rny letters are falling apart,

rachel said...

Oh, nasty, an eye like that. You have my sympathy; that's what mascara does to me, and all that helps is time and little washes with warm water and salt.

DJan said...

I never heard of Quasimodo eye before... Happy weekend! Now that I'm retired (I shouldn't rub it in) they are ALL weekends!! :-)

June said...

esb...you're developing sort of an odd accent. A little . . . Slavic.

Rachel, I'm planning a day filled with warm washcloths. Salt's probably a good idea, thanks.

DJan, just mentioning retirement is rubbing it in. I am so envious. SO envious.

esbboston said...

I have had a similar eye problem but there was no make-up involved. At least I'm claiming there was no make-up. Just as soon as the first eye was almost well the second eye began its nonsense. Your eyes were hopefully well enough to decipher my first comment, sorry if I strained them. Now I am wondering if Slavic languages use a Cyrillic alphabet (like Russian), I would classify my broken letters as Silly-Real-Like, and since it is more difficult to read than regular English, I should name it Slow-ian? (haha, versus 'Rush-ian')

Wanda..... said...

June, if I weren't laughing so hard, I'd cry for you! Just kidding...hope the eye is better. Here's some song lyrics to sing over the weekend, June!

Freight train freight train goin’ so fast
Please don’t tell what train I’m on
So they won’t know where I’ve gone.

....and one I'll sing for you....

Cause (you're) leavin' on a (freight train)
Don't know when (you'll) be back again
Oh babe, I hate to (see you) go!

Barb said...

AND - you will have eaten that scrumptious pizza! Enjoy your respite. Use ice on the eye.

English Rider said...

We get more allergic as we go along. I experienced Quasimodo eyes a few times, directly related to wearing make-up. Benadryl /antihistamines are the quickest solution. Sorry no one sympathized.

Olga said...

Weekends are still somehow special even though we are retired.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Ouch , puffy eye is the worst! Hope you've found the cure that works for you .
I use Brolene .... and not just because it sounds like a Country and Western singer .... but I'd be better off finding out what sets mine off every March , without fail .

Susan said...

At least you didn't do what my hubby did last time out of town. He had put his face lotion and medicated hair conditioner in identical bottles. Yep, he slathered medicinal conditioner all over his freshly shaved face. Oh, my. Blessedly he was able to rinse it off and stop the stinging. At least the red had calmed down before our event. Hang in there, it really will get better.

Carolynn Anctil said...

I hope you've had a wonderfully relaxing weekend, filled with lots of time to just sit and idle.