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Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm falling in love again

Since Marly's demise, I've rediscovered my affection for the two little poodle boyz. The disappearance of their pack leader has left me in charge, and they're calm and quiet and quite tractable. Imagine that.

Max, in particular, is revealing his sweet nature once again. When they were tiny puppies, Husband used to say, "We have to give Angus lots of lovin' to bring him back from his wildness. Max has to have lots of lovin' because he needs it."

The day we picked them out at the breeder, we chose Max from the five apricot poodle puffs for one reason, and one reason only: When I picked him up to cuddle him against my chest, he plastered his cheek against my shoulder and moved only his eyes to look at his new daddy. He needed those cuddles. Something about the whites of his Hershey's kiss eyes with a little eye-rolly white showing really grabbed me.

You see why.
Not just a pretty face, Max is quite a little athlete too. At heart, he is a retriever. A good game of fetch with a tennis ball is the best part of his day. In the winter, he requires no special equipment: snow's just fine for chasing and catching.

Sometimes it's hard to tell eggzackly where the snowball landed.

He's a wildman!

He gets a little impatient sometimes.

"Hurry UP with that snowball!"

See the "too-happy tail"? Not a good show poodle.

Mostly, he's just cute.
If he ever gets tired of the country life, he might have a great career as a Boyd's Bear.


Carolynn Anctil said...

I'm so glad you're having fun with your two balls of fur. Max looks like a sweetheart with a hint of rascal.

Tigerbi said...

Maybe the changes in the poodles is Marly's gift to you to help you be happy?

Max's last name MUST be Boyd !! :)

Lynette said...

a too happy tail, visible eye rolly whites; a broken cookie for sure! has the incessant barking stopped?

June said...

The incessant barking has *stopped*! The overall level of nervous tension has dissipated. Just when I thought I would have to check myself into a psychiatric institution.

Marly taught me a lot...in the area of Non-Reaction and Quiet Intervention. She was the gift that keeps on giving.

Sharon P Pope said...

He's adorable! And he does favor the Boyd's Bears! LOL