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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Heavy sigh

It took slightly more than two hours for all the ahh-ness of my staycation to wear off.

There is a nouveau scandale afoot, another wastebasket fire (although this one might turn out to be more of a dumpster fire). Special meeting called at 10:00am; attendees expecting a rebuttal. The meeting lasted two minutes, during which the accused distributed copies of the accusations and denied all. 

In the midst of all that brouhaha, the end of the pay period, the end of the month! the end of the quarter! ...with all that that entails, and with the accused popping in at random moments, trying to make friends and align allies. 
No dice. No takers. No time.

And in yesterday's local newspaper, a full page representation of the complaint that started it all, printed two pages after the front page story in which the accused said, "Never would I...!"  
Later, the accuser emailed an audio to all, including the news outlets. 
Gasped "OMG! The offense was recorded!"s throughout the building.

In the afternoon, paperwork coming in from several quarters for a presentation in mid-July, none of it organized or collated. 
Organize, send out legal notices hither, thither and yon, answer the phone that never stops ringing. 
Put a smile in the voice.
Accused comes into the office again, whistling a happy tune, letting a smile be his umbrella.

Thus has my return to work transpired.
This is why, years and years ago, I stopped watching television soap operas, with the endless repetition of the petty details of the daily dramas.
Now I'm living it.


Hilary said...

My grandfather who died long before I was born was a court translator who refused to take my grandmother out to see a "picture show." He felt the same way.. too much drama in real life. I hope your week settles down soon.

rachel said...

How could you bear to be off work with so much melodrama to amuse you there? Perhaps we could have a link to your local paper? Surely this story will run and run!

Anonymous said...

Oh, June. Sounds like tooooo much drama. I feel for you. :)

#1Nana said...

I'm reading blogs to pass the time until my job interview. Damn girl, you're making me rethink this whole idea of working again! The drama is one thing that I do not miss about working.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Your job sounds livelier than mine !
The knee-high persons I deal with can be startlingly creative but tend not to set fire to things .
Perhaps you could introduce Calm Down Time with fruit , stories and singing ?

Carolynn Anctil said...

My. See all that you were missing by staying at home? *grin*

My word verification: Squit. I don't know what it means, but I like it! I may just use it in a sentence today.

Lord Wellbourne said...

Graham crackers and chocolate milk sounds better all the time doesn't it?

Barb said...

You are in the midst of a reality show. Unfortunately, I find them silly and a waste of time. You seem to feel the same.

June said...

Hilary, it won't settle down. This is SNAFU.

Rachel, all of us who sit with our stomachs roiling all day long, watch and wonder and wait to see. It's entirely possible that the story will sink into the murky history of Small Pond within a couple of weeks.

S&S, I think I would enjoy Calm Down Time.

LW: It does.

Barb: I do. Hence the heavy sigh.

Friko said...

why on earth would you want to stay at home?

if you can keep a detached attitude and not let any of the drama get to you personally, you'll have blog material to keep us on the edge of our typing chairs for years.