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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring fever

The red-winged blackbirds are back. Husband heard them a week ago; I saw them then but heard no calls until yesterday.

Friday during our after-work "out," the fifteen-year-old poodles sprang around on joy-stiffened legs like happy tiny puppies.  They ran, trotted, galloped, leapt, across an expanse of remaining snow to a far part of the lawn and greeted (in their own way) the plum tree for the first time in months and months. Max found a tennis ball that has lived under the snow all winter and required a few throws. Angus was taken up with sniffing the last twelve weeks' news and spinning in circles of excitement.

The snow is receding and the driveway's developing its own little annual creek from hedgerow to stonewall.
The annual pond is forming on the front walk.

It must be Spring.


Linda Myers said...

I'd love to run like a puppy in celebration of spring!

Hilary said...

I consider them the harbingers of spring but haven't heard any yet. And I do listen closely for them!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

And now , with any luck , Spring will gather apace and we might even , one day soon , contemplate leaving the house without twelve layers of thermal underwear and a six-foot long scarf .

Blipfillypicklepoo said...

Yay, Spring!!!

Barb said...

Oh - goody! Tell me more! When my old dog was still living, every spring her yellow tennis balls would "bloom" as the snow melted.

Wanda..... said...

Spring for me is when my Bluebirds return....It's Spring!!!

Mary ,East Coventry said...

Isn't the redwing blackbird's call wonderful? I heard some about two weeks ago- love them!

Tracy said...

...and that makes me happy! I can't wait to see the world in it's green dress!

Lord Wellbourne said...

Haven't seen or heard the red wings yet but everyone else seems to have found my back yard. Keeping up with the demand for seed is so much more fun now that I know the newcomers are the harbingers of the great thaw!

Olga said...

Every one I talk to from home is READY for spring.

June said...

Linda, it made me so happy to see them so bouncy and perky!

Hilary, they are indeed the harbingers of spring. My heart leaps when I hear that call.

S&S, I've grown so accustomed to cold that I hardly even bother anymore...

BFPP, you BET!

Barb, the spring aromas of mud and green and clean aren't quite here yet. Those make me breathe deeply just for the joy of it!

Wanda, I see, then, that you are having Spring! I saw your beautiful bluebird.

Mary, you're another one who thrills to that song then!

Tracy, I can't wait either, but having said that, I'm enjoying the anticipation a LOT.

LW, isn't it good to have hope again???

Olga, I was really ready for spring at least a month ago. Now I'm far, far beyond ready.

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