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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Peep and Molly Moments

When Molly came here, she was perfectly happy to lie on the floor and not on couches or beds, etc.
She was . . . and IS . . . a very good dog.
A Very Good Dog.
It never leaves my mind that we could RUIN this great dog because we love her so much. 

We were just watching a dvd and Husband invited her up onto the bed in which he was lying. He often does that and she stays for a while, he says, and then gets down and sleeps on the floor or in her crate. So she lay there while we watched the movie and when the movie was over, Husband told me I would have to make her get down. I told him no, he would have to be the one to tell her to get off, since he owns the bed. He was not able to accomplish that, so I told Molly OFF. She moved . . . not one hair. I pulled on her collar and said OFF, and she did not move.
So I wrapped my arms around her circumference and slowly but firmly slid her off the bed. She landed on the floor pretty much in the same position as she had been in on the bed. There, I said, that's it, and left the room. Husband turned off the light, saying, Geez, June, that's a little rough. Molly followed me in here and I got her a Milk Bone and she ran for her crate because that's where she eats her last-treat-at-night-Milk-Bone. Now she's settled happily in there, with the door open.

I feel pretty good about all this. This leadership stuff does not come naturally to me, but I'm learning.

Husband says that Molly had three(!) deer chases while they were on their walk tonight. Molly is one happy puppy.
Peep stayed in (with some management from mom) last night. Tonight she's outside again, probably for the night. She shimmies underneath the garage door and curls up on the riding lawnmower seat. I caught her there the other day when I was looking for one of Husband's tools.
Molly likes to stay out until it's truly dark. To get her to come in all we have to do is go out and play "Iiiiiiiii'mmmmm gonnnnnnnna GETchoo!!!!!" and she gets a big rammy case of the zoomies and zooms right into the house. Precious girl. 
Husband got home today before I did, and found the focaccia bread that had been on the counter . . . on the floor, on a rug that Molly likes to lie on. She had pulled the plastic wrapping up and open, like the Jiffy Pop popcorn packages from the 1960s (remember them?) and had eaten all the cheese and black olives and whatever else off it. Husband left everything on the floor just the way he found it so I could see how she'd enjoyed it. Most of the bread was still there, but BOY! she did love that parmesan cheese! Molly is, apparently, following the dietary advice to eat only the part that you REALLY LOVE and leave the part that you don't LOVE. 
Lesson learned. She is big enough that she can get things off the counter, and especially things that SMELL REEEEEEELLLLLY GOOD! 
Actually, of course, I think the whole crime was kind of cute. 

I think that Molly has a problem with at least her left hip and maybe her right one as well. She walks in a particular way that lets me know she's avoiding flexing her hip joint very much, and when I was brushing her yesterday, I pressed on her hip and she yelped in a way that let me know for sure IT HURT! Poor girl. She isn't crippled by any means, but there's trouble down the line. Whatever's wrong (dysplasia?) doesn't slow her down when she's trotting or doing zoomies. Not one bit. I notice it when she's been resting and gets up . . . she swivels her hind foot a little bit instead of flexing her leg. Maybe it isn't even her hip, now that I think about it . . . maybe it's her knee. Whatever it is, it is NOT a problem we have to worry about right away. Husband's quite calm about it all..."So she'll get a hip replacement. that's all." I figure the more muscle she has, the better, no matter what the underlying problem is, so it's good that her legs are becoming more defined. 
She's so pretty...  
When she goes to the doctor next time . . . not until next spring, God willing! . . . I'll have them check her legs/hips. Maybe it's arthritis. Maybe she got nicked by a car in her former life... No telling. 
But she's happy and beautiful and enjoying life about as much as any living critter can, so we don't worry about it for now.
She's been keeping a close eye on the woodchuck who lives in the hedge row of the house field. She lies on the yard to the side of the barn and gazes out in that direction, waiting for him to show himself.  
Peep caught a grasshopper yesterday, and Molly went over to say, "Whatcha got?" and ate it. Peep just turned around and went off to get another one.....

Took Molly on a long, long walk this morning and Husband took her out again in the late afternoon, bringing her back covered in grass burrs. Could be worse. At least it isn't burdock burrs! She and I had long brushing sessions. I ended up with rabbit-sized (and -textured) bundles of hair. We could keep at it for days and not run out of hair. Molly likes being brushed, but gets tired of it after a while, as anybody would. 

Molly is outdoors right now, making the rounds of the immediate house/barn area. Peep was out all night and when she came in, Molly twitterfooted right over with her ears up and her tail wagging to check and make sure her little sis was okay. This dog is a caretaker. And a love bug. A big love sponge. A great companion. 

She's been carrying her stuffy toy baby from place to place in the last few days. Not constantly, but from time to time we find the baby moved. From the crate to the couch, from the couch to the bedroom, this afternoon on the floor next to the couch, with both his little cloth ears chewed off. I picked up Baby and Molly left her supper dish and came over with her big round eyes out on stalks. I squeaked Baby and she oh-so-gently took Baby's head and carried him back to her crate. What a doll. Husband and I have both said we almost wish she weren't spayed because it would be such a joy watching her mother her puppies.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

There is nothing quite like loving an animal, is there?

DJan said...

How much these two have added to your lives. It's just wonderful to hear about them, and how they get along, too. Thanks for the update on your furry family. :-)

Barb said...

Now aren't you glad you followed your instincts? As for the bread - at least Molly left some for her people. PS I'm thinking either you're on vacation or you're much more relaxed on the job. Have been enjoying your posts. Glad Molly is keeping you active!

Olga said...

Animals do add so much to our lives. I am still stuck on the fact that they have shorter life spans, though. Husband, too...I will never have another one.

June said...

Kathy: Absolutely NOTHING like loving an animal. Especially a rescue animal who knows what a miracle she's experienced. Both my girls could so easily have died while they were out there on their own...and now they live in heaven!

DJan, you're welcome. They have added so much...I smile when I think of them.

Oh boy, Barb, are we ever glad! I'm not on vacation. I do find myself breaking into song and giggles at work... Maybe you're seeing the effects of Janelessness.

Olga, I know what you mean: the crushing sorrow is inevitable. But the days when we're together, every one, is so GOOD!

Linda Myers said...

It's wonderful, the relationships we have with our animals.

Hilary said...

I'm so glad you have so much enjoyment and love from these two sweeties. Molly sounds like such a flawless little gem.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Oh squeeze my heart June! This post, and the previous one dear girl.

Carolynn Anctil said...

I'm coming late to the party - somehow I missed this update on my blog roll.

I'm so glad you're enjoying Molly and Peep so much. They sound like a couple of real characters. I'd get Molly's hind end checked out sooner than later. There may be supplements you can add to her food that would help to keep her healthy and pain free.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Your Molly seems to have found a perfect spot to give love and be loved.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Your Molly seems to have found a perfect spot to give love and be loved.

georgia little pea said...

That whole scene...your hubby letting the dog up and wanting you to get her down. Ditto at my place. I hate being bad cop.

Joe Todd said...

Stopped by to say Hi June. No animals at my house just Teddy Bears LOL