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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Court People

I have written before about the Court People, about whom we say, "If they could read, and follow directions, they wouldn't be going to court."
So typical, this story: Man threatened to burn baby clothes

Why didn't he just burn them, or throw them away, or mail them to her, or do one of any number of other things, instead of threatening to burn them?
Why didn't the ex-girlfriend just go get the clothes instead of calling the police?
How long had the clothes been there? The child surely would have grown out of them soon anyway.

Is there some logic here that I am missing?


Friko said...

There’s nowt so queer as folk.

Many times I shake my wise old head at the stupidity or sheer inexplicability of someone’s behaviour. Best to keep quiet and stay sane.

DJan said...

You're right: why do some people WANT to be Court People? :-)

Olga said...

Court people is not an expression I had heard before, but I completely understand what it means from your example.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

There's a reason why she left him ... possibly not unconnected to his threatening manner .
And , of course , he really does want his day in court to air his grievances .
Poor Judge !

Vicki Lane said...

What Friko said . . . good grief!

Vicki Lane said...

What Friko said . . . good grief!

Sally Wessely said...

People are just nuts. What a waste of energy.

Barb said...

They both need to get a more productive life! (I hope the baby doesn't grow up to be just like them...)