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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve razzle dazzle

Go away.
Come back at midnight and

click below!

Happy New Year!

Thanks to Northview Dairy for the link!


Lord Wellbourne said...

Well, I waited for three hours and did as I was commanded. Apparently my computer, which came over on the Mayflower, isn't capable of downloading the pyrotechnic extravaganza promised by the link. I get the idea nevertheless and am very glad to wish you and yours a very Happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

Wanda..... said...

I viewed this with my g/daughter late last night...It was wonderful sharing this with her...Thanks June

Have a great 2010!!!

June said...

LW, I'm sure your imagination supplied exactly the right things. Probably better.

Wanda, I was thinking of you and Alivia playing with that. It made me happy.

Lord Wellbourne said...

You're so right, as usual. My computer kept bringing up something about 'java plug-ins' so I stuck one of those coffee-scented air freshener thingys in the outlet. Didn't help. Still couldn't open the file. But my studio now smells like a Starbucks.