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Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday miscellany

An observation: A dead, dry, curled leaf being windblown this way and that on a narrow dirt road can appear to be an indecisive small rodent. It's a misperception that has caused my stomach to leap to my chest many times as I hie down the road in the car early in the mornings. It's my opinion that the squirrels and rabbits and voles and chipmunks, and all their ilk, deserve their space in this Eden just a little more, perhaps, than I deserve mine. To harm them would be the ultimate in bullying acts.

My pets are beloved mostly because they don't tire of my attention. I am happiest when I have a love object upon whom I can heap hugs and kisses, into whose eyes I can gaze for lengthy periods of time. Husband will only sit still for that kind of thing for just so long before he feels the need to go insulate a window or plow a driveway, so it's good for me to have Peep and Molly with whom I can be a complete sap. A local groomer likes to include pet-related quotations in her ads. I stopped reading those ads, and decided I would never patronize her shop, when I read, "Cuddling: holding your pet hostage and telling yourself that he likes it."

avaOften, my coworkers and I say, "I'm tired of this cast of characters." We're referring to the powers that be and/or any of the other regular players in our office life. I have given some thought to making a list of all those characters and going down the list, writing a little piece about each of them. It would provide enough blog fodder for months, if not years. And, like pet-cuddling, it might be therapeutic for me.

The picture is Ava Crowder, during her prison stint in Justified. Sometimes my coworkers and I wear that exact facial expression.


DJan said...

You have every right to enjoy those wonderful cuddles, and I'd probably stop going to that groomer, too. That last picture made me laugh. Or smile ruefully in recognition. :-)

Tom Sightings said...

Our dog spends half her life chasing those curled up leaves across the road, thinking they are small rodents ... or maybe knowing they are NOT rodents and therefore she's not afraid of them!

Friko said...

yes, we saw - and hugely enjoyed - John Adams quite a long time ago.

Right, so when are you going to start on these co-worker vignettes? With a mind like yours and sharp writing ability they should become classics. Can’t wait.

As for cuddling dogs and/or cats: Millie would feel offended if we didn’t. we don’t hold on to here, but she actually squishes her head under a hand left lying about, nudging it until it strokes her or tickles behind her ears.

Infernal word verification. But I want to come here, so if they make me I’ll have to obey.

June said...

Friko, I'm so pleased you're looking forward to the Cast of Characters project. In fact, I made some notes today, while giddily giggling. It was late in the morning, you see, and we had all had quite enough already.

Vicki Lane said...

I am always so happy when what a thought was a run-over critter in the road turns out to be a bag of garbage or a fallen off re-tread.

I know that look on Ada's face -- my kids used to do it to me.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

If you have a face on like that at work, I knew there was a reason I liked you so much.
Look at that girl enjoy the snow!
Lucky you June, that's one nice view up the road.

rachel said...

On our road, an elderly neighbour has been known to come out in her dressing gown, torch in hand, to rescue a leaf that looked uncannily like a frog....

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