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Friday, December 12, 2014

One hundred days until spring

I have a hard time with the wood-ash color atmosphere of winter in the northeast. In years past I tried to develop an appreciation for the beauties of the season, taking photos of snowflakes and such. That helped, but still . . . it never let me forget that I was in the midst of the Cold and Dark Season. This year I'm doing something different: I'm living in the past. Or the future, if you prefer. To wit, the following:

Looking at sunshine and green is making me feel as if I might live until March 21, 2015.


DJan said...

Great idea! I have done that myself. We'll make it. Won't we? :-)

Barb said...

Please - don't rush the season! Actually, we've had so much sun and blue sky in CO. I'm actually doing the snow dance. But, since you don't ski, I'll forgive you.

Linda Myers said...

Keep that sunshine inside your mind.

Interesting - until this post I thought you lived in the Pacific Northwest.

Tom said...

I've recently decided: winter landscapes are better for painting; but tropical landscapes are better for living.

June said...

Olga, it's working for me! :-P

DJan, we will make it. If only because it really isn't up to us whether or not we do. :-)

Barb, even if I skied (sp?) when would I do that? Before 8:30am and after 5:00pm? In the dark? :-|

Linda, really? I think I'm flattered. I think of "northwest" people as friendly and disciplined. People in Florida say they can always tell when an unloading jet is from New York State because everybody's wearing black. I'm one of those.

Tom, ohh yeahhh.

Hilary said...

Oh I know that feeling well. Photography does help make the long season a bit more interesting. But looking at the beautiful scenes of a warmer season helps too. Luckily, I'm way behind on posting photos.. so I have some warm weather scenes in my nearish future too. Thanks for this, June.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Hang in there! Try to remember that we wouldn't have the beautiful landscape we have if the trees and other plants didn't have their season of rest beneath a blanket of snow. I have found that snowshoes saved my life, allowing me to hike away from the seasonal depression I used to feel, and I get out under a sky more blue than any other time of year and let those photons stimulate the pineal gland in my brain.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

June! I've been coming by and reading your posts, but as I type this there's every chance I'll be kicked off by my ISP before I hit publish! Just know I am around!
Your favourite Aussie

Joe Todd said...

Spring is closer but still to far away for my tastes.. Hope to go south for a couple weeks end of this month

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