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Saturday, January 3, 2009

fragility of life

One morning last week as I woke up I heard the very last part of an NPR interview of two authors, Mary and Carol Higgins Clark, mother and daughter. Mary said, "I have always been aware of the fragility of life. My father died in his sleep. So I have never...never...let the small daily things that go wrong bother me."

There are at least two ways to proceed with that knowledge of the fragility of life.

One, which I practiced for years, was to approach all things as if they would be taken from me if I rocked the boat.

Another is to enjoy my life while I have it, knowing that I have fallen out of boats before and I am here.


Anonymous said...

Who ARE you...?!?

I have somehow attracted an incredibly wise woman into my life. ....must bottle that bit of alchemy....

I'm adding you to my list of regular blogs, RIGHT NOW.

Have a wonderful day. :o)

June said...

Thanks, Carolynn. It's nice to know you.