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Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am defunkified.

The appreciative and loving comments you left, the passing of a few days, including being at work (I don't like realizing that my job is actually good for my psychological state, but there it is), an excessive intake of ice cream, going to bed at eight o'clock, knowing I would be up at this hour, and still have time for another nap before time to get ready for work...all of that was the cure.
Once again, I'm feeling grateful for having had the youth I had and having survived it to reach the life I have now.

Bad, sad things happen to people. The lucky ones...the ones who see  no options except to live through them...survive. 
The luckier ones triumph.   It took a long time for me to triumph over it, but I have.

If I hadn't had that life in those years, I would not have learned how strong I am.
There isn't much that can kill me.  


Anonymous said...

Those clouds look angry but they also may be a blessing and bring you some sunshine.

June said...

The clouds are breaking up; the sun is burning through.

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

You have done what we all must do, in one way or another - find the value in what you have experienced.

I am inspired by your use of the word 'triumph'!

Wanda..... said...

Good morning June...Life is what we make it, when we realize we can!

In regard to the funny comment you left...I haven't switched, I only use the Keurig in the afternoon, when I want one cup of fresh coffee and don't want to soil the main coffee pot, I'm lazy, washing it after breakfast is enough for me! I will never give up my morning pot of Whole Bean "Eight O'Clock Coffee", Meijer sells it in the large 36 oz. bag. Sometimes though, I use Maxwell House Hazelnut flavor, it's good too!
Smiles to you June!

Carolynn Anctil said...

Yay! for brand new days. It's great that you allowed yourself to feel, if not necessarily embrace, your wholeness. The trick, I've found is in only staying down long enough to touch bottom and them push myself back up to the surface where the fresh air & sunshine can be found. I've finally come to accept that the experiences I had as a child...well, to be honest, all the experiences I have, even now...are those I'm meant to have. There are things I need to learn in order to live out the life that I'm meant to live. Only I can do it. There is no one else like me. And the same is true for each of us.

Have a fabulous day!


Lord Wellbourne said...

Mrs Hudson--the ever-patient housekeeper in the Sherlock Holmes movies remarked to Dr. Watson: "What can't be cured must be endured." We can't go back and 'fix' what was wrong anymore than we can go back and relive what was right. It all gets incorporated into the fabric of our lives. The real power of living is in our choice whether to weave silk or sackcloth. You, June, have one heck of a bolt of silk to your credit.

Recycled Cottage & Garden said...

June, be well and know you are loved even though we have never 'met'.

Barb said...

Now, June, you have me pondering the difference between survive and triumph. And what path I need to take that leads from one to the other.

Von said...

As we say in this hemisphere Onya June!!!Life's rich tapestry has weft and warp,so much to learn and if we do it well we survive and like you thrive and triumph and cease to be victims.Very best of wishes to you and all your sensitive and compassionate followers.