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Sunday, January 31, 2010


With a nod to Friko, who started this "miscellany" idea...

I worked with a young man who often referred to his niece Amanda Lynn. Every time he would speak of her her would say, "My niece, Amanda Lynn..." One day he mentioned that his niece, Amanda Lynn had a brother.
"What's his name?" I asked. "A Guitar?"

On January 25th, I had another three-quarter spin on the way to work. This time it was on a much smaller road and at a faster speed than the last thrill ride. Still, I achieved only two hundred seventy degrees of spin. Since there was no faintest disaster involved, it was pure fun.

While I was out fieldwalking one summer morning, a grasshopper landed on my hand. I was delighted to host him (her?) for a little while and peered at him closely while he chewed on my fingertip. It was the funniest little feeling, like one bristle of a soft hairbrush tickling there. When he left he took the smallest piece of the very top layer of skin with him...needed a magnifying glass to see the "damage," almost. I felt blessed by Mother Nature.


Wanda..... said...

I may just need to make friends with a grasshopper this summer!

Lord Wellbourne said...

I spent a week one summer introducing thisismyfriendcathyfromohio to all my Texas friends. She would invariably respond "you can just call me Cathy" I eventually got the point.

I'm pretty sure the grasshopper felt the same way about you!

Oh, and, enough already with the stock car driving technique!

Barb said...

Your grasshopper musing reminded me of Mary Oliver's THE SUMMER DAY - it's on my sidebar. Stop spinning in the car, June!

June said...

Please tell me somebody got the AMandolin/AGuitar witticism.

June said...

Barb, I hadn't read Mary Oliver's piece before, so thank you for pointing it out to me. What better to do with one's life than "to fall down into the grass...to kneel down in the grass...to be idle and blessed...to stroll through the fields"?

Carolynn Anctil said...

#1. *Groan* (clever, though...it took me a minute.)

#2. That does sound like fun.

#3. That's very cool. I always leave feeling so blessed after an unexpected brush with nature, like that.

Happy Sunday,

Friko said...

yes, I got the A mandolin / guitar witticism. It made me laugh.
But you never really said that to the poor chap, did you?

This is exactly what a Miscellany is, fun, a bit of nature, a smidge of news, anything that tickles your fancy.

I shall start a club.

June said...

Yes, Friko, evil wench that I am, I did say it to him. It was one of those times when I cracked myself up.

Von said...

Go June!!
Last September,like LW, I did the "Thisismy friendJudefromDevonandherdaughterBeth" until I got sharply pulled up by Beth and told that she was not from Devon but lived in Manchester.Firmly chastised I was glad to see the back of her!
Grasshopper!They'll be back!
Amanda Lyn hey, this one could play on!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading Radical Simplicity- small footprints on a finite Earth. By Jim Merkel.

That is a book that tackles life and us in ways I never thought about though I have thought about what I plant and who will feel cool in the shade when I am gone and how many animals will live by the nuts on the tree. The grasshopper leaves a tiny footprint on Earth and leaves a monumental balance for the rest of us.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi June, Thanks for coming back to my blog. I am enjoying catching up with yours also. Love your Miscellany post.... I had a grasshopper land on my arm once!!!!

Joe Todd said...

June I looked up the word witticism and now I've been to 3 witticism sites and 2 grasshopper sites. So after all that Have a great day.

June said...

See, Joe? Reading blogs makes us SMRT! :-P
I checked your reading, Mr. Lincoln, and it's too far beyond me. One reviewer said something about "too many charts and graphs," so I was outta there.
Betsy, good to see you here too! Thanks for coming by!
Von, there's a way to correct somebody and a way NOT to correct somebody, huh? I would have been glad to see the back of her too!