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Monday, January 3, 2011

Newark, New Jersey

For those who don't know, and there are probably fewer of those than I suspect, Newark isn't pronounced New'-ark. It's Noork. They tell me.
I don't know if people who live there are called Noorkers, or Noorkians. Noorkites? I checked Newark newspapers and they all seem to use "Newark native" in place of other labels. 

I was in Newark once, but never outside the airport there. I was flying Peopleexpress Airline to Tampa and needed to deplane and find my connecting flight. I was afraid to leave the gate for long once I found it, although I do recall finding the bar, buying and disposing of two martinis, and buying a pack of cigarettes. Whether it was the general pace of New Jersey, or the atmosphere of the airport, or my own nerves, I felt sped up. I asked the cigarette seller twice in the space of ten quick seconds for a pack of matches. I think New Jersey minutes might be shorter than New York minutes.
I have a cousin who lived in Newark. At a family reunion I asked him if he liked the city. Husband would say I badgered him. After my cousin had said it wouldn't be his first choice, but it was all right, Husband said, "There. You got him to admit he hates the place where he lives. Happy now?" My cousin was pretty laidback; he wasn't offended.
Peopleexpress was a good idea at the time. No frills, no extra expense. No food, no courtesy beverages. If you expected to eat during the flight, you brown-bagged it. I believe they did allow me two ounces of nuts in a foil bag, to tide me over. The airport martinis and the nuts worked for me for a while, but I was famished when I got off the plane. 
I haven't flown anywhere in years; I gather that although Peopleexpress is no more, they set the standard for modern air traveler discomfort levels.
And I haven't been back to Newark either.


Friko said...

Flying? Like you, haven't done any for years, neither to Newark, Noork, nor anywhere else. Nor do I plan to do any soon. I hate flying.

Guess how to pronounce LEOMINSTER which isn't far from here. No need to fly there, so I go sometimes.

Give up? LEMSTER!

And that's a pretty ordinary name at that.

Carolynn Anctil said...

The Frenchman and I will be transferring planes in Newark when we fly to our honeymoon destination. I'll keep this in mind.

Frank Baron said...

I haven't flown since the late 70s. If I want to defy gravity these days I take an escalator.

Never been to Newark. And after decades of hearing about it as the butt of comedians' jokes, can't say I'm too interested in checking it out.

#1Nana said...

Since I retired I seem to fly regularly...got to see those grandchildren in Texas, but it's not fun. It is, however, usually an adventure that gives me something to blog about. On Wednesday I have a WTF mposting from the Salt Lake City airport.

Trellissimo said...

June, Friko . . . guess how they pronounce BARNOLDSWICK, BOLTON-By-BOWLAND and (in Scotland, this one) - MILNGAVIE.
Travelling on trains in the UK used to be fun. Four seats, two each side of a spacious table where you could spread you sarnies, chessboard, newspaper or play cards as the miles trundled past. Now train seats are packed in tighter than economy class airplanes - and next to no space for luggage. B***dy horrible experience.
(P.S. Barlick. Bol'Boland. Mullguy)

Barb said...

Don't rush into air travel, June. Also, steer clear of Newark.

June said...

Friko, I would never have gotten "Lemster." I do, however, know that Worcesteshire is pronounced "What's this here."

Carolynn, I'm sure your experience will be different, since you'll be all aglow in your new persona as Beloved Bride.

Frank, that would be about the last time I was on a plane too. It used to be such an adventure. And then it turned into a long sit on a stinky airless sweaty bus in which you would die if the motor failed.

Nana, you must have the whole air travel routine down pat, don't you?

Trellissimo, more inexplicable examples of a common language divided by an ocean! Or whatever that saying is...

Barb, I hardly rush into anything anymore. I'd like to get back to Florida, but I just don't know if I can handle the whole airport thing.

Lord Wellbourne said...

Newark is a wonderful place because it helps you to really appreciate where you came from and where you are going.