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Sunday, January 23, 2011

An award

Thank you, Miss Kim!
As the honored recipient of this award, my instructions are to:
Write a post about the award including a link back to the donor;
Share seven things about myself; 
Pass it on to fifteen seven bloggers I've recently discovered.
As regards that last, Elle, who favored Miss Kim with this little award, began a trend of reducing the number of recently discovered bloggers from fifteen to seven. Miss Kim followed that lead, and I'm counting that as a rule revision.  I don't go surfing through the blogging world very often and I generally find people who've found me first. So . . . a couple of these blogs are ones that I went searching for just so I could give them this award. 

So, now . . . seven revelations about myself.
  1. For an old broad, I'm a little bit of a makeup junkie. I don't overuse it, but I do over-buy it. I think it has something to do with the color charts, which, being colorful, seduce me.
  2. I think Maxfield Parrish's art is dreamy. Real artists have told me they don't like his work because "it's too commercial." Doesn't matter to me: I can go away somewhere when I look at his colors.
  3. I don't drink alcohol anymore. My sobriety date is September 29, 2005.
  4. If I were never to hear a shrill poodle bark again, it would be too soon.
  5. According to Peter Urs Bender, I am an Amiable, who, under pressure turns into a Driver.
  6. I like being up in the middle of the night, and arrange my weekends to accommodate that quirk.
  7. This is my hair. It is all you will ever see of me on this blog:


threecollie said...

My mom loves Maxfield Parrish too and we grew up with his prints all around us. So warm, yet softly colored.

Pauline said...

For an "old broad" you have gorgeous hair ;)

Jayne said...

Thank you, Miss June-from-the-windy- country-hilltop. I do appreciate your thoughtfulness. This has been quite a weekend, as I also received another award, which, among other things, also requires me to post a few tid-bits about myself, which always makes me a little anxious. But it's worth it.

I love your reveals, and I am also a Maxfield Parrish fan. His glazed scapes are fascinating.

I humbly accept this award, and shall be happy to pass it along. I
am going to have a very busy Monday!

Thank you!

Barb said...

Well, June - this is more than you've ever revealed (and still not a whole lot!). I like that glossy hair - and the fact that you turned gray at such a young age.

June said...

59 is "such a young age"?

Tracy said...

Congratulations on your award! You are certainly deserving. Congrats on your Sobriety date; good for you! and I too like your hair :)

Blipfillypicklepoo said...

I'm a big fan of Parrish. What I particularly like is when I go out into a day where something about the quality of the colors and shapes in the world put me in mind of his work. I must be an unschooled chucklehead because I consider him a "real" artist.
Nice hair.

Gina Alfani said...

Hey June!!

Congratulations on your award . . . and thank you so much for the awesome award :)

Maxfield Parrish . . . I wish I still had those prints.

Have a wonderful week . . . Gina

Carolynn Anctil said...

Yeah you, on the sobriety! Every day a victory.

Love the hair, doll! *grin*

I've been wearing less and less makeup in this past year.

Tom said...

June, why, thank you; how nice of you to include me in this illustrious group! I will send on the award, with revelations as suggested, but it may take me a few wks. since as I will post in my next blog entry, I'm going to skip town for a little while.