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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The soakin' wet hangin' over the chair by the stove Carhartts blues

I think we've gotten the entire winter allotment of snow in the past few days. 
We've had an extraordinarily easy winter, so we were due. 
  • Twenty-four hour power outage: check
  • Passenger vehicles stuck in the driveway: check
  • Tractor stuck while snowblowing: check
  • Walking like duck to keep balance: check 
  • Walking like duck to keep balance while carrying ashes to provide tractor tire traction: check
  • Walking like duck to keep balance while carrying wood for woodstove: check
  • Opening the side door just to see the dogs wonder why there was a big white wall where outdoors should be: check
  • Admiring the snow clinging to the trees: check
  • Thrilling to see the bluebird males looking around for summer quarters: check
  • Watching the dogs frolic: check
Ayuht, I think that's the whole Winter Experience. 
Glad to have had it. 
Now it can go and make way for spring.
I am so sorry for the people in Garrett, Maryland. 
"We had one report of 23 inches of new snow. That's on top of what we already had. We are probably close to 250 inches of snow for the year now... more than 20 feet." ~2/26/10, Brad Frantz, Garrett Maryland's director of emergency management
Twenty feet of snow is just cruel, unusual, and unnecessary punishment.


Wanda..... said...

You have even more snow than we do, June and I think I'm or I should say I know I'm ready for Spring!

Susan said...

I'm ready for spring. Here in VA we had 16", then 12" at least twice, along with several more random accumulations of 4 and 5", so I'm so done with this. Your pictures are beautiful, though. I do love how neat and clean everything looks right after the snow. Have fun adapting there, Daisy Duck.

Barb said...

June, Please send that snow to Breckenridge immediately - we are the ones who need it and know what to do with it. Leave just enough so the dogs can continue to frolic.

June said...

Wanda, boy am I ever ready! I'll even take mud season!

Susan, Daisy Duck! BWWAAAAhahaha!

Barb, send trucks. It's yours. All of it. The dogs can frolic quite nicely in grass.

rachel said...

But your house does look so beautiful in snow! And the light is lovely too.

June said...

Yes, Rachel, the house looks beautiful in snow. It would also look absolutely spectacular surrounded by green. Or orange or purple. Thank God it's painted green. If it were white I'd never be able to find it.

Jinksy said...

Your remark about not painting the house white, really ticked my funny bone! LOL :)

June said...

It's true, Jinksy!
I took many many pictures and they are all undifferentiated white with trees sticking up. No shadows, no depth, just white.

Friko said...

sorry about that June.
But it is beautiful, isn't it? And why should you think you could get away scot-free when everybody else has been suffering this winter.

June said...

Oh, Friko, I never thought I'd get out of this winter so easily. I knew it would be coming sooner or later. It's just...all at once?

Fran Hill said...

It's very, very pretty, but I can see how it could get tiresome. Still, walking in that stuff doesn't half tighten up your leg muscles. Look on the bright side.

June said...

You're right of course, Fran. Almost like beach sand, or better.
Except cold.

Autumn Mist said...

oh June, you have made me chuckle! Sorry it's finally arrived with you. We have a gloriously sunny day today, I can hardly believe it!

Lord Wellbourne said...

If Barb send the trucks, send them a little ways to the north-east and she can take away 9 inches of water that rained down on us up here in the Maine mountains. It would make for a lovely skating pond to complement June's mountains of snow. We'll keep the snow--it keeps the deep-pocketed tourists on the slopes.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

Oh, how I've forgotten the aftermath of a snowstorm. I do miss the falling, but can't say I miss the cold. However, it has been so cold in Austin this winter, we might as well have had snow. Then a reason for the cold.