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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Michigan theater actor Jacob Hodgson

Other people have children and grandchildren to brag about.
I have my friends' offspring.

This is my Michigan friend's son, Jacob. And his dog, Hogar.
Hogar is happier than his face allows him to express. 
Jacob is an actor.

Jacob as Werner Kreilig in It Came From Mars.
But the heart and soul of the show reside in Jacob Hodgson, who plays Werner Kreilig, the radio show's sound effects man who is not-so-secretly in love with Dolores and the butt of George's anger towards the pending world war. Hodgson's performance is sweet, charming and innocent, and his German accent is flawless throughout the performance.  ~Donald V. Calamia, Encore Michigan
 All the actors are outstanding, but Hodgson, playing a young German immigrant in a time when Germans were viewed with suspicion, often threatens to steal the show — particularly during the second act, when fear causes Werner to act on his feelings for Delores~Performance Network offers a great view of "Mars"

Poster fromThe Little Dog Laughed  
Jacob's on the right. 
    And in a slightly different look, for the part of The Strange Man in Dr. Seward’s Dracula...

    Versatile, isn't he?

    You watch...this kid will be famous some day.


    June said...

    Thank you for your wish for peace; the same to you.

    Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

    He sounds great. He could be a cousin of mine - many times removed - my mother's name was Hodgson.

    Von said...

    Do you have any suspicion that Hogar might be an actor too?

    rachel said...

    The two last photos appear only as a little blue question mark - anyone know why this is? Or if it's seen that way by everyone? I've managed to stop that happening with photos I've downloaded by copying them to iphoto first and posting them from there, but I don't know what can be done when it's other people's blogs that show this. Shame, because it was an interesting post!

    June said...

    Bonnie, thanks for coming by. I think Jacob really has a bright future.

    Von, hmm. Hogar might be have a career as a celebrity lookalike. Would that be "acting?"

    Rachel, thanks for letting me know about that problem. I think I've fixed it.

    Joe Todd said...

    June, neat post... Have a great week and stay warm.. No sun in Ohio today

    Lord Wellbourne said...

    Very gifted performer it would seem--great reviews. Also not hard on the eyes which is a big plus. Versatility is key to longevity in the theatre. Can anyone watch 'Boston Legal' and NOT see Captain Kirk? But then, Jacob is different--he CAN act.

    Autumn Mist said...

    It is a big plus in my book that he looks a LOT like Antonio Banderas in Evita. Am I imagining that? You must be very proud.

    Wanda..... said...

    I think he's well on his way too. I shall remember his name, Jacob Hodgson.

    Jinksy said...

    I'm glad you reassured us the dog was happier than he looked- nighmare face! LOL

    Jacob Hodgson said...

    Cool, my name is Jacob Hodgson too and I'm studying film. Maybe we will work together someday.

    Jacob Hodgson