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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Old business: Update on "A cloud outshone by its silver lining"

I know all of you have been on the edges of your seats waiting to hear the denouement, so here it is:
My title, salary, and hours have changed to, overall, "less." I had suggested the change (essentially reversion to my pre-department-head classification) to Power That Be in a conversation some weeks ago.  My days are still partly in Morning Job and partly in Afternoon Job, but the Morning Job portion is reduced by one hour. My workday begins at 9am instead of 8am. 
I am pleased with this change for these reasons:

  • Three hours of daily torture is always preferable to four
  • Breezing in at 9am feels like having had half a day off
  • I have gained some points in the overall scheme of Power That Be to achieve a larger project, my salary having been a point of contention in discussions
  • I am still health-insured
  • It could be a lot worse
  • And, finally, the flush of joy at housecleaning did, as Friko suggested, wear off rather rapidly.


Lord Wellbourne said...

Well, damn, damn, damnedly damn! I had rather hoped for a shinier outcome. But if you are satisfied than I am content. The litany of positives is adequate--when held up against the joys of house-cleaning.

And you're right--my butt has a permanent chair ridge now.

June said...

In the short run, the outcome appears dull. In the longer run, however, I have positioned myself well for a shinier future. If all goes well, within the year.
Morning Boss is not entirely happy with this outcome herself, as evidenced by her Thursday morning tirade. Another story for another time. Or perhaps not, since I'd just as soon forget all of it.

Von said...

Tirades you can do without, no-one gets paid enough for those.
If you're happy then it must be alright.Do I detect a 'thinking about retiring early" moment coming up?

June said...

Von, you inspired me to get as far as looking up the form required, and to get my retirement system registration number...but no further than that. I do like my Afternoon Job. If I can get back into it I will have all the enjoyment and appreciation I could ask! If I retire, we shall be poor.

Lord Wellbourne said...

I understand and empathize about going on anymore about it. Sleeping dogs and dead horses et al........The main thing is there's been something of a resolution and you're in a position of probable hope.

Barb said...

I knew the housekeeping wouldn't last - you're too creative.

June said...

Barb, that's a nice way of letting me off the hook! ;-)