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Friday, January 22, 2010


More gifties!  
To wit, a 7MSN cap and a 7MSN mug! 

Nobody appreciates a good coffee mug more than I! 

I'll have to work on wearing the cap. The hair I have, being short and layered, is subject to bad hat head. Once it's de-poofed, I look like a big wet mouse: nothin' but skull.
I am strongly drawn to the journal as well, as I am drawn to pads of lovely smooth unmarred paper in any form, particularly with cute burros on the cover. (Y'can't hardly ever find those anymore.)
And I could use a new mousepad at work...
If good luck, like bad luck, comes in threes, my string is finished. The elk antler pendant, the cap, the mug.  I'll have to start working on another round. 
Hmmm. Husband brought me some penuche fudge tonight. That's one. 
The state trooper who stopped me Thursday morning because my car's inspection sticker expired three weeks ago, and sent me on my way with a "Have a good day!"  That would be a strong number two.
Does today being Saturday count? 
Yes. I think I'll count this being the weekend as number three.
Yahoo! I can start all over again.
This good-luck-in-threes thing could go on forever! 


Von said...

Certainly hope so!!

Lord Wellbourne said...

Please consider me, myself, and I as a bonus trifecta!

Barb said...

I think your luck-in-threes is actually your One Good Thing, June. You'll find it every day if you look for it. However, the fudge and escaping the Law are strong indicators that your luck is running high.